What Is An Up And Down In Golf? [GOLF FACTS]

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The golfing world has so many different terms and phrases, it can be confusing if you are new to the sport. I know my wife has tried sitting with me to watch golf on the TV, but half of what the commentator says goes over her head! Hopefully some of the articles on this website can help with this, and provide a place for someone new to golf to learn their golfing language 🙂 Today we are looking at the phrase ‘up and down’, so if you have no idea what an up and down is in golf please read on.

An up and down is a term used whilst playing the short game in golf. You would use this phrase when you are hitting to the green and you want to get one chip onto the green and one putt into the hole. An ‘up and down’ in golf is when you achieve this and make a two from anywhere around the green.

In an up and down it doesn’t matter where you hit your first pitch or chip shot from. No matter it is from the fairway, the rough or a bunker, if you manage to get to the golf ball in the hole in two strokes, you have completed your ‘up and down’.

So now when you hear those golf commentators continuously referring to the ‘up and down’, you will know what they are talking about 🙂

Why is it called up and down?

You may now be wondering why this series of shots in golf is called the ‘up and down’. The answer is simple. The first chip or pitch shot is getting your golf ball ‘up’ onto the green. Your second putt is getting your ball down into the hole (as it is a cup with depth). This is why you call this 2 stroke series of shots near the green an ‘up and down’. Up onto the green and down into the hole.