Always Slicing Those Driver Shots? [THESE GOLF TIPS WILL SORT IT!]

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Do you ever wonder why some golfers seem to always slice their driver shots? It’s not because they are weak or lack practice, it’s because they are using the wrong technique! Golf is all about technique and these simple tips will sort out your driver slices in no time!!

Why do golfers slice, I hear you ask? Well, it’s actually simpler than you may think! Simply put, when you slice it means that you have left the face of your club open upon impact with the golf ball. By eliminating this, your slice will quickly be gone. The tips below should help with this process.

Tip 1: The Importance of Aiming Straight

This may sound a bit silly to say out loud, but you would be surprised at how many golfers realize they are slicing and simply aim more in the other direction to compensate! Ever heard the saying ‘two wrongs don’t make a right’? Well, it totally holds true here!

Rather than accepting your slice and compensating for it, you need to look into fixing your slice and aiming straight. This will be the best thing long term for your golf game. Leaning into a slice will often make it worse, as there are often underlying issues with your golf swing and setup that are causing it.

Tip 2: Proper Club Face Alignment will Stop a Slice!

Many golfers slice the ball because they are not properly aligning their clubface with the ball. When your clubface is aligned with the ball, you will hit the ball squarely and it will not slice.

To align your clubface whilst hitting the ball, you need to make sure you are holding the club so that the face is most likely to be straight upon impact. This is how I would do it. Simply hold your driver straight out in front of you. Twist it both ways, and ideally you should be able to rotate the club both ways equally. If not, you should adjust your grip so that this is the case.

If I am speaking double dutch to you right now, no worries! AliTaylorGolf has an excellent video going over the technique visually 🙂

Tip 3: A Stronger Golf Grip

Working in conjunction with the alignment tip above, a stronger grip will help you keep that club face aligned. 

What do we mean by a stronger grip? Simply put, the hand that is gripping the top of your driver should be shifted around that you can see 3 knuckles. Make sure that your other hand is placed at the side of the first hand and not over the top. With these two elements of the grip, you will have something much stronger. This will help you keep your club face fixed and aligned upon impact with the ball.

Again, if the text explanation has you flummoxed, luckily Rick Shiels Golf includes this in one of his videos about eliminating a driver slice! More visual learners will appreciate it I’m sure 🙂

Tip 4: Swing Right!

If you think about the golf swing, it is an arc, and you want your club to hit the ball at the optimum point where the club’s face is aligned straight against the ball. The problem a lot of people have is they will align themselves either too far in front or behind the ball, leading to a misaligned shot.

Illustration of a man swinging a golf club.

Try to align the ball by the armpit closest to the ball. Although this can vary depending on the width of your golf stance, so play around with the positioning of the ball a little and see which gets you the best result.

When you get this dialled in, you will be far less likely to experience the dreaded slice!

There you have it! These 4 simple golf tips should stop you slicing your drives in no time. No expensive training aids or gadgets needed 🙂

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