Best Irons for Tall Golfers

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If you’re a 6+ feet (1.83+ cm) tall golfer, chances are that you’ve been having difficulties finding suitable iron golf clubs. The good news is, you’re not alone, since many tall golfers face the same issue playing with standard irons due to over-bending and creating the wrong swings. So, what are the best irons for tall golfers?

The best irons for most tall golfers are the TaylorMade Golf P790. They are high-performing irons that enable tall golfers to achieve lower ball flight and maximize their loft. The clubs are also forgiving while providing superior stability. 

The only instances where I wouldn’t recommend the TaylorMade Golf P790 Iron Set are if:

This article will first discuss the various factors to consider when purchasing an iron as a taller golfer. Furthermore, I’ll go into more detail about some of the best golf irons for tall golfers. Let’s begin.

Factors To Consider

Choosing the right clubs is never easy, especially if you’re a tall golfer. Luckily, by keeping a few considerations in mind, you’ll be able to find an alternative that suits both your stature and your skill set. Here are some of the most important factors to consider:

  • Wrist-to-floor distance
  • Shaft length
  • Lie angle
  • Loft
  • Forgiveness
  • Cost
  • Durability

Let’s have a more detailed look at these factors:

Wrist-to-Floor Measurement

The wrong club length impedes your performance. For instance, you’ll stop and bend excessively to reach the ball if using a very short iron. On the other hand, you’ll stand too straight when using an excessively long club. Either of the two scenarios will force you to adjust your swing, making it less effective and generally inconsistent. 

Therefore, it’s crucial to find the proper length for your clubs, especially your irons, if you want to swing naturally. When determining the ideal length of your golf clubs, your height (albeit important), isn’t the only factor you’ll have to consider.

If you’re tall, you might require a longer club and vice versa. However, individuals with similar heights can have different arm lengths. So, the wrist-to-floor measurement becomes a better determinant due to its accuracy.

The wrist-to-floor distance helps establish the ideal club length and lie angle. Fitters use this measurement, the golfer’s height, their standard stance, and their swing to calculate the best club length. On average, the ideal wrist-to-floor distance is 48.9 percent of your height, and it accommodates a wide range of body shapes.

Shaft Length

The shaft length will determine your swing and stance. As I’ve already established, your height isn’t the primary determinant of the ideal shaft length

Most tall golfers perform well with longer-than-average shafts as they create more clubhead speed. On the other hand, you’ll have better ball control with a shorter shaft. Therefore, it’s essential to balance the two, as a wrong shaft length will impede your performance.

You might need a slightly shorter iron – even if you’re a tall golfer, your swing has a deeper crouch since you’ll have a lesser wrist-to-floor distance. Contrastingly, if you’re a short golfer but have a more upright golf stance, your wrist-to-floor distance will be greater. Therefore, you may require longer clubs.

In short, it’s vital to custom fit an iron (or any other club) before purchasing to determine whether the shaft length matches your wrist-to-floor distance and stance. Here’s a chart showing the ideal shaft lengths for golfers with varying heights and wrist-to-floor distances.

Lie Angle

Fitters utilize the static or dynamic fitting methods to assess your lie angle. A static fitting involves your wrist-to-floor distance and height. Contrastingly, dynamic fitting occurs after hitting one or two shots on the lie board. 

The lie angle refers to the angle betwixt the shaft and the sole. It’s an essential factor to keep in mind, considering it determines the ball’s direction when the club hits the turf at impact. A perfect lie angle occurs when the sole of your club is parallel with the turf.

Your club leaves a mark at impact, revealing your swing plane. Therefore, if your swing is out, the spot will most likely be closer to the toe. This motion causes more strokes out of the club’s toe. Therefore, your fitter will experiment with some upright lie settings till you begin making consistent markings in the middle of the tape.

On the other hand, a flatter lie angle increases your chances of first contact with the heel, which can lead to hooks. However, if you’re using the appropriate club length and swinging the right way, the lie angle you achieve should be ideal.

Nevertheless, the wrong club length will force you to make adjustments. Moreover, you’ll have to change your lie angle to achieve a more concise swing plane and hit the ball correctly. So, taller golfers with longer clubs achieve lie angles that are more upright, while shorter players rely on flatter lie angles.


The loft is the angle between the clubface and the ground. Golf clubs have different lofts, which determine the distance the ball achieves. Clubs with lesser lofts, including iron-3, hit the ball farthest. Contrastingly, clubs with greater lofts (for example, iron-9) make the golf ball rise and fall at steep angles.

Iron clubs from different brands can have varying lofts even though they belong to the same category. For instance, an iron-6 from TaylorMade has a loft of 26.50, while the same one from Callaway has a loft of 24.00. Therefore, it’s essential to know what loft is ideal for your height before choosing an iron.


Golf club forgiveness refers to the characteristics or design of your golf club that make it receptive to any errors in your swing or contact position. When making a great golf shot, you strike the ball using the middle of the clubface, making it take off straight towards your target. Contrastingly, failure to do so can force it to travel various short distances at lower speeds or spin out of control.

Forgiving golf clubs enhance a golfer’s performance. They allow you to square the clubface up and hit the ball higher, longer, and straighter. For more seasoned golfers and lower handicaps, forgiveness is not the most vital factor in selecting their ideal clubs. However, newbies can benefit from some more accommodating clubs. 


Costly clubs are not always the best-quality ones. This means that you can have an expensive club that doesn’t improve your performance at all.  

Some of the main reasons golf clubs tend to be so costly include the type of material and technology utilized to manufacture them. Certain materials, including titanium, carbon fiber, and graphite, will inevitably cost you more compared to other alternatives. 

The quality of your golf clubs affects your game, regardless of your ability level. This means that even a pro can’t perform excellently with lower-quality clubs. However, when it comes to amateurs, there’s the difference in performance between cheap decent-quality clubs and more expensive branded clubs is less noticeable.

Modern golf clubs comprise several elements, including a clubhead, a golf shaft, an adjustable hosel, and a grip. You can buy them separately or as ready-to-ship packages. Most golfers opt for complete sets, which may be more budget-friendly in the long run.


The lifespan of a store-bought golf club can range anywhere from three years to a lifetime. However, its longevity will depend on how you utilize and store it.Proper usage and storage can make your club serve you for years.

However, the quality of your golf club also determines its durability, meaning you can’t expect a poor-quality club to last long. On the other hand, unless a high-quality club sustains significant damage, you can anticipate it to serve you well for many rounds to come.

Durability aside, most players change clubs to take advantage of technological developments and better their games. 

Best Overall: TaylorMade P790

TaylorMade Golf P790 is the best iron set for tall golfers. The P790 irons are perfect for players requiring more forgiveness than most standard golf irons can provide. Moreover, these high-quality irons’ designs offer an excellent sweet spot at the club’s strike surface.

These premium golf irons feature a forged hollow body construction comprised of soft steel, enhancing distance and control. Moreover, their clubheads employ a speed foam design that improves their pace while ensuring a comfortable feel. Additionally, the iron’s speed pocket design improves ball distance without sacrificing forgiveness.

TaylorMade irons come in varying lengths, making them accommodatable to different golfers. Furthermore, their low-profile tungsten weighting provides a lower CG but higher launch. The irons also enable a higher spin rate that’s excellently suited for golfers attaining more than 220 yards (201 m).

You’ll never go wrong with the TaylorMade P790 irons as a tall golfer since their advanced technology incorporates an adjustable hosel. Therefore, you can optimize your loft or lower the ball flight according to your preferences. Furthermore, the irons have improved accuracy while protecting the ball’s off-center speed.

This TaylorMade set stands out since its design provides stability and excellent travel distance. The irons enhance your performance as the heavy-duty heads generate additional power in each swing. In short, with these TaylorMade irons, you can take on the golf course with confidence.

Bottom line: The TaylorMade Golf P790 Iron Set are the best golf irons for tall golfers. Their high launch angles ensure improved ball speed. However, they’re also more forgiving than most standard golf clubs.


  • Forged hollow body construction: Their stainless steel bodies’ design promotes distance and control. The lightweight foams inside these clubs also maximize their forgiveness and grip feeling.
  • Speed cap design: The irons utilize a speed cap design to provide distance control and forgiveness.
  • Varying lengths: This iron set comprises 4 or 5 irons of different sizes. Therefore, tall golfers with varying heights and wrist-to-floor measurements can use them.


  • The irons are designed for right-handed golfers.

Highest Speed: Callaway Golf Mavrik Max

This Callaway set is the best high-speed alternative for taller golfers as it provides optimum launch and ball flight. These lightweight irons employ artificial intelligence to enhance ball speed. The iron’s advanced face architecture accommodates every loft, improving not only pace but also spin robustness.

Furthermore, the long clubheads increase the distance between the ball and the ground, giving you greater leeway when hitting keystrokes. The thick iron heads also allow you to maintain swing momentum and flight control, providing superior stability when under stress. 

Therefore, the player enjoys flexible and high-quality golf swings.

Bottom line: I highly recommend the Callaway 2020 Mavrik Iron Set if you’re looking to achieve that extra level of speed. 


  • Ball speed: Its AI 360 face cup increases the ball speed through flex and release.
  • Ball launch: Each iron has tungsten weights to help locate the CG.
  • Spin robustness: The face architecture is sophisticated to be unique in every loft, increasing the spin robustness and boosting the ball speed.


  • The irons are solely designed for tall male golfers, thus, unsuitable for women.

Most Forgiving: Cobra Golf F-Max Irons

If you want a forgiving option to help improve your game, the Cobra F-Max Iron set is worth considering. The set of 7 lightweight irons enhances tall golfers’ performance as their advanced technologies allow the player to have better stances and swings.

Cobra F-Max irons also provide incredible club speeds and distance, especially for golfers with moderate swings. The light shafts create a smooth tempo, allowing you to swing swiftly. Moreover, the irons have progressive hosel lengths, making it easy to locate the CG in both long and scoring irons.

Cobra Golf F-Max low-profile, undercut irons provide excellent forgiveness, generating straight, long shots. They also have a cavity-back design with high lofts to help you reach that additional distance. Furthermore, their heel-biased weighting helps in controlling the shots and maintaining consistency.

Bottom line: You can purchase this iron set to add a bit of distance in every shot. The high-quality clubs are designed with remarkable forgiveness to improve even the wobbliest shots.


  • Forgiveness: The iron set is ideal for tall players who want golf clubs with more forgiveness.
  • Length: It is slightly longer to ensure that even the tallest golfer makes solid contact with the golf club.
  • Distance control: It provides excellent distance control.


  • Unfit for very tall golfers: You might need to add some extra length on the iron if you are more than 6’3″ (191 cm) tall.

Best Value Irons: Lazrus Premium Golf Irons Set

Lazarus golf iron set is the best package on the market for tall golfers since it is made in the same factory as some of the world’s “best” clubs. However, it’s very affordable, going for approximately ¼ the price of its high-end counterparts. Therefore, these premium golf irons are the clubs of choice for many seasoned golfers.

The iron set comprises seven types of irons, including 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and a pitching wedge. This means that you can buy the separate 2 and 3-set if you require the 2 & 3 irons. Generally, these golf irons are ideal for taller golfers seeking excellent golf equipment without spending a fortune.

Lazarus Premium irons are right-handed and comprise high-quality steel shafts. Moreover, they’re fitted with custom Lazrus grips, making them feel comfortable in your hands. Additionally, they feature deep grooves to enhance spin, distance control, and swing consistency from the fringe, fairway, or rough patches.

Bottom line: Lazrus Premium is the best golf iron set when you want high-quality golf irons at a relatively low price. Although they’re premium golf clubs, their cost makes them accessible to golfers of all budgets. 


  • Variety: The Lazrus irons are available in a set of 7 clubs, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 individual golf irons, and a pitching wedge.
  • Control: They contain deep grooves which provide excellent distance control, spin, and swing consistency.
  • High quality: They’re premium golf irons sold at reasonable prices.


  • The irons are strictly designed for right-handed golfers. 

Best for Beginners: Callaway Men’s Strata Complete Package Set

The Callaway 12-piece complete golf club set is the best deal if your height is between 5 feet, 7 inches (170 cm), and 6 feet, 1 inch (185.5 cm). It’s also an excellent choice for inexperienced golfers and mid-handicaps as they help build confidence. The set comprises 3-wood, 5-hybrid, and 6-9 irons that provide forgiveness, distance control, and improved performance.

The driver in this set has a loft of 10.5 degrees and a sizable 460cc titanium head, making the ball fly far and on a straight path, even on mishits. The 3-wood is also large to increase forgiveness. Moreover, this club comprises a streamlined aerodynamic head that swiftly propels the golf ball into the air.

Therefore, it’s an excellent choice for tall players and beginners. 

The hybrid makes it easier to hit the ball than the wood, allowing you to achieve your distance and trajectory targets with less slicing. Moreover, it’s a suitable alternative for longer irons; however, you can’t use it to hit every stroke. 

These irons can significantly improve your game since they maximize distance control and precision. They have stainless steel shafts and perimeter weighting, increasing distance. Moreover, their larger sweet spots enhance forgiveness even with mishits.

Bottom line: Consider this set if you want to build confidence by combating the possible mistakes that most inexperienced golfers experience. The irons in this set strike an excellent balance between forgiveness and distance control. They accomplish this with the help of an alignment aid which improves precision.


  • Forgiveness: The irons’ stainless steel features improve distance control and forgiveness.
  • High performance: The set comprises two headcovers, putter, stand bag, PW, 6 to 9 iron, driver, five hybrids, and 3-wood to maximize your performance.


  • Swing speed. The irons provide slow swing, making them unideal for high swing speed golfers.
  • The clubs can dent easily.

Best Bang for the Buck: Wilson Men’s Set Complete Golf Club Package Set 

Wilson Men’s Complete Golf Club Package Set is one of the best golf club sets for golfers who are 6’0″ (1.83 cm) plus. It comprises ten clubs, including a driver, a putter, a 5-wood, a 5-hybrid, and a 6-SW. These clubs provide the best value if you’re considering buying a complete package.

Despite its affordability, Wilson Men’s golf club set features premium components manufactured using advanced technology and high-quality materials. These lightweight clubs are forgiving, and their graphite shafts create precise swings.

The stainless steel irons are deep and undercut. Therefore, they create longer, straighter shots. Moreover, the aerodynamic driver has a large sweet spot, improving head speed and distance. Additionally, the scoring golf irons have low weighting, improving your shots and allowing better control.

Bottom line: Most golfers find complete sets cheaper than individual clubs as they provide all the required golf clubs. Wilson Men’s Set is the best option if you are interested in an affordable, complete package of high-quality clubs that are forgiving even to amateurs.


  • Forgiveness: Wilson Sporting Goods Golf Men’s irons are highly forgiving, making them ideal for amateurs.
  • Lightweight: The irons consist of lightweight materials, making them easy to hit.
  • Variety: It has various clubs to choose from.


  • The bag is of poor quality, and the zip seems flimsy.

Parting Shot

Considering their quality, forgiveness, durability, and other factors (mentioned in this article), the best irons for tall golfers are the TaylorMade Golf P790s. The TaylorMade Golf P790 Iron Set is ideal since the irons’ unique designs improve ball speed and distance control without sacrificing forgiveness.

However, depending on your needs, budget, and preferences, there’s a wide range of just as qualitative options you can choose from. Therefore, make sure to go through this list and take notes if you’re trying to find the right golf club for you.

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