How Often Should You Take Golf Lessons? (Let’s Find Out)

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Sports are among the greatest inventions of human civilization that can unite people from all over the world. Although relatively new as a sport discipline, golf rapidly gained popularity. Countries like Canada, United States, Great Britain, and Ireland are among the most obsessed by this sport. Like in the majority of sports, to play golf well, you need not only talent but also lessons. Let us find out how often you should take golf lessons before you go out on the golf course.

The opinions of golf teachers about the frequency and the number of lessons that an individual needs to become a decent golfer vary greatly. They are influenced by the individual and according to the purpose of the lessons and the players desired goal or end level.

The prevailing view in the golf circles is that you should take an average amount of 3 to 5 golf lessons for 7 to 21 days to prepare you for hitting the golf course.

However, it depends on the player’s level – whether he is a beginner, plays golf for recreation and hobby, or is a professional.

How often you should take golf lessons depends, first of all, on the reason why you want to play golf, and second – how much time, effort, and money you are planning to invest in this sport. If you are a beginner, you need to start from the A, B, C of the golf, learning about the different golf courses, rules, techniques of play, gear, etc. This knowledge, however, is fixed in a system of lessons for beginners. If you play golf like a hobby, you may need not-so-intensive lessons to maintain or improve your level. Contrary to logic, professionals take the lessons the most often due to their constant need for improvement and feedback.

Golf Instruction

In the scientific and professional field, teaching golf lessons is known as Golf Instruction. It is the profession of training golfers to play better golf through improved awareness of swing cause and effects due to actions by their body, the club, and their effect on the golf ball. (1)  Teaching golf requires excellent technical and physical proficiency, which covers all aspects of this fantastic game. Lessons should be designed to develop the basic golf skills necessary to build a successful golfer. List 1 below displays the five primary technical skills that Golf Instruction covers, plus one strategic skill.

  • Shots from a tee
  • Full shots from the ground (iron shots)
  • Pitching (3/4 shots designed for distance control)
  • Chipping (short shots around the green that require less than a full swing)
  • Putting (one club, preferably “the putter”)
  • Course strategy or gamesmanship

List 1 Source Note (1)

Nowadays, teaching golf is not just only practicing but also knowledge and coaching. It also includes diagnosing the primary skills and prescribing fixing strategies for such shortfalls as swing frustrations or others. Modern instructors also offer video feedback and bio-motion analysis, personalized golf club fitting, mental performance development, on-course play under natural conditions, etc. (1) That is why it is essential to take as many lessons as possible, especially if you plan to play golf seriously. Golf instructors will adjust your program according to your physical specifics, current technical level, and personal goals.

Golf Lessons For Beginners

Golf lessons are essential for beginners. Golf is not easy to learn, and lessons will help you pick up the game faster and quickly improve your skills. In general, 3 to 5 lessons for 1 to 3 weeks should be sufficient to pave the way for your future golf career. However, many instructors recommend several series of 5 or so golf lessons for a complete game makeover. These are typically coordinated with a custom curriculum over a few months. The curriculum also includes a practice plan and progress monitoring. (2)

Golf Lessons For Recreation

Generally, golf lessons for recreation and hobby do not differ so much from the lessons for beginners, except that people with different golf skills can participate. Instructors usually form 6 to 8 students on a similar golf level so they could use a proper curriculum. Lessons are available by 5 in a package, for some time about a month. Cornel Recreational Services, for example, in their Wellness program, offer different 5 lesson packages, with lesson distribution once per week. (3) Such golf lessons are practical but mainly aim to give you enough skills to enjoy this incredible game.

Golf Lessons For Professionals

For those unfamiliar with the subject matter of golf, it may look implausible the claim that advanced and professional golf players take golf lessons the most. According to specialists, professionals generally need error correction and feedback, which can usually be accomplished in 1 to 3 lessons over several weeks. (2)  However, professionals usually have personal instructors and couches and take lessons constantly. In their case, they usually follow an improving program with a clear sports goal. Then, the lesson’s period and intensity depend on both instructor’s program and the student’s progress.

Golf Lessons FAQ

Is Golf Hard To Learn?

The truth is that learning to play golf is quite hard. The swing technique and the primary shots are challenging to master, but the game’s strategy is complicated. Your improvement and success in golf strongly depend on both. However, with a good instructor, a fair number of lessons, willingness, and perseverance, you can learn golf very well.

Is It Worth Getting Golf Lessons?

If you enjoy playing golf, and most importantly, you want to improve your skills, it is always worth getting golf lessons. They will help you to adjust your gear and your basic skills and improve your game. The improvement brings the satisfaction of the play, especially when you start winning in tournaments. To reach this point, however, you need professional assistance. Golf lessons are the best way to become a good golfer and improve your level.

How Long Does It Take To Get Good At Golf?

You probably will never be as good as you would like unless you achieve the goal you set for yourself in golf. That means that your level of perfection is closely related to your goal. Otherwise, you can get decent at golf in about 1 to 2 years. A decent golfer is a relative notion, but to shoot 90 or better matches it. Do not hesitate to take lessons; they are the key to your success.

Can You Teach Yourself To Golf?

Yes, you can teach yourself to golf. With some watching and practice, and especially if you have some talent, you can play golf. Everyone can swing a club, play a chip shot or make a putt with a bit more practice. However, suppose you want to excel at golf or become a low-handicap player. In that case, you will likely need to consider some lessons with a professional golf instructor to refine some of the technical aspects of your swing. Without lessons is less likely to be competitive and fully enjoy the magic of golf.

Final Thoughts On Golf Lessons

What makes golf such a fantastic game is that it is a few sports that all age groups can play. It is never late to learn something new, especially if it will bring you a lot of joy and satisfaction. There is no age difference in how often you should take golf lessons. However, it would help if you trusted professionals when choosing a learning program because they will better assess how to design your lessons to be most beneficial for you. Take as many golf lessons as you need and enjoy the game!


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