Golfers And Underwear: Ultimate Guide for Men & Women in 2023

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As a golfer, comfort on the golf course will go a long way to helping you perform better or enjoy your round more! Believe it or not, underwear plays a massive part it this. A prime example is one time I wore some rather ‘heavy’ boxers whilst golfing in a sub-tropical climate! Trust me, it didn’t end well 🙂 So if you have ever wondered what the best underwear is for golfers, please read on.

Key Factors when Choosing Underwear for Golf


As a golfer, when you feel comfortable, it helps you focus on your golf game rather than other distractions.

You need to find underwear that suits your climate. If you are playing golf in colder climates, you want something with thermal properties, whereas a hot climate requires something light and breathable.

A ‘performance’ or sport orientated material will help to wick sweat away from your body and will help greatly with comfort levels.


When playing golf, the only thing you want swinging around is your club 🙂 So be sure to wear underwear with a snug fit that will keep your ‘queen jewels’ in place. However, you don’t want something so tight that your voice goes up an octane 🙂


Underwear is something that comes in close contact with your skin, so the last thing you want is a low-quality material that will cause you to feel itchy or irritated in any way. So make sure to buy underwear that uses a good quality material and helps with comfort levels.

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Best Golfing Underwear for Hot Climates

1. Good Luck Undies Men’s Golf Boxer Brief Underwear

If you are a male golfer, this Good Luck underwear is the best option by far. Not only does it act as a golfing ‘lucky charm’ but it also represents one of the best quality underwear options outside of one of those big brands. And, personally, I don’t like paying that ‘big brand’ premium.

The modal-viscose blend that these boxer briefs are made out of is even softer than traditional cotton blends, and the breathability makes them ideal for hot climates. Coming with a tight fit, these boxers are perfect for any kind of athletic or sporting use.

Last but not least, these boxers have premium features that will help you feel the quality whilst out playing golf. This includes a flatlock stitch that lessens seams and therefore chafing.

Last but not least, if you don’t like the novelty golf design shown here, Good Luck Undies comes in all types of designs.

2. Separatec Basic Bamboo Rayon Soft Breathable Dual Pouch Briefs

The only downside to the above boxer briefs when golfing in hot climates are the slightly longer legs. Some people may find this extra material too warming when in tropical climates. Therefore, for those people, I present you these amazing Separatec briefs.

More along the lines of what I would call ‘tighty whities’ growing up, these really are the most minimal male briefs you could wear (in reason!). This minimalist design will be the ultimate for those wanting as little material touching their skin as possible in hotter climates.

And, although you probably have never heard of this brand, they specialize in high quality and innovative underwear. The innovative part is mostly shown here by the dual pouch design, which helps to separate out your intimate areas, keeping them comfortable and well ‘aired’ 🙂 The high quality part comes with the construction of these briefs and the use of a 95% Rayon and 5% Spandex material. Giving you something that feels soft, whilst being breathable and stretchable for ultimate comfort. And perfect moisture wicking properties for sports use.

For a non ‘big brand’ product, you can still see that Separatec has put thought into their design. From the box design to the slightly rubberized tag, you know you are getting a quality product.

3. New Balance Women’s Ultra Comfort Performance Seamless Thong

For the female golfer, I would personally go for these New Balance thongs. They will give you the ultimate in lightweight and compact underwear for use in hot climates. And, even though they come from a supposed ‘Big Brand’, the big brand tax is very little here!

And, most importantly for these types of thongs, they will fit under even leggings without causing unsightly underwear lines. Something that is surprisingly hard to achieve in the world of thongs.

Add to the mix the fact that they thongs are made highly breathable and seamless, and you have a great underwear option for any women golfer.

The only slight downside is that their sizes may vary from what you are used to, so make sure to check New Balance’s sizing guide to get the best fit.

4. POKARLA Women’s Cotton Stretch Underwear

I understand that thongs are not for everyone, so for those ladies that like a bit more material in their golfing underwear, I present you these Pokarla examples.

As you can imagine, material is key when it comes to buying underwear, and although you may not have heard of this brand rest assured that they use some high tech weaving techniques to bring you some of the best quality and chafe free materials on the market.

The fit and cut of this underwear is also designed so that they will fit well and stay in place even throughout the most strenuous round of golf. Aided by the slightly thicker and more substantial waistband. Rolling down will be a thing of the past!

Last but not least, this underwear by Pokarla is priced competitively, something you won’t get from bigger, more well-known brands. And they come in a great range of color ways to boot!

Best Golfing Underwear for Cold Climates

1. Gildan Men’s Regular Leg Boxer Briefs

Before you go all out and buy thermal underwear, I would encourage you to try some regular cotton boxer shorts. Cotton feels slightly heavier and therefore warmer than a lot of performance fabrics, so would probably be fine for all but the coldest climates. And if you do start feeling hot in the nether regions, simply switch out to the more performance based materials shown above.

These Gildan boxer briefs are a simple but effective solution, in my opinion. They are long enough to cover more of your legs and keep them warm. They come with in 100% cotton and friction free seams.

Last but not least, these Gildan boxer briefs come at a surprisingly competitive price, so won’t exactly break the bank.

2. DEVOPS Men’s Perfomance Cool Dry Mesh Underwear Boxer Trunk

These Devops trunks provide an excellent halfway house between the Gildan boxers above and full on thermal underwear. They come with a slightly longer leg length, so will help keep you warmer in those cold climates, without having to go full on thermal.

These trunks are also designed specifically for athletic use, and have managed to find an excellent balance between performance and comfort. They come with all the usual features you would expect from high-quality underwear, including flatlock seams and a fit that is well sized and won’t ride up during your golf sessions.

For anyone wanting underwear that can still perform whilst keeping you warm in colder climates, this surely has to be your pick. Unless you golf in truly Baltic conditions! Just a shame they don’t know how to spell performance on their Amazon listing 🙂

3. FITEXTREME MAXHEAT Mens Thermal Underwear Long Johns Set

If you really do golf in Baltic conditions or are simply susceptible to the cold, you can’t go far wrong with this thermal underwear set from Fit Extreme! And, best of all, they come available for both men and women!

When choosing thermal underwear, you want something warm and soft on your skin. Whilst also being quick drying so as not to create unwanted smells. This set of thermal underwear hits all these points perfectly. And for an unknown brand, they did a great job of creating a design that looks modern and sleek, something I wasn’t expecting.

I really love the micro fleece lining you get with this set, and of course, they come with the typical flatlock stitching. For me, they are the perfect match of price and quality. You don’t want to pay the earth, but you want something that will last and perform well. These fit the bill perfectly!

Whoever FitExtreme is, they certainly know how to make a banging pair of thermals!!

4. R RUXIA Women’s Boyshort Panties

If you are a female golfer that doesn’t want to go full thermal but needs a bit more coverage and warmth than the other options above, these R Ruxia branded panties might be for you.

As with all the other ‘nameless’ brands I have detailed in this article, you are getting all the quality with these briefs without the ‘big box’ premium price. You have probably worked out I am a fan of this, right?

These panties are lightweight and breathable (and specifically designed with sport in mind), coming with a 65% nylon/ 30% polyester/ 5% spandex mix, whilst also being super soft for daily use. They are stretchy but have a good fit, so will stay in place whilst golfing.

These are a prime example of high quality golfing underwear at an excellent price.

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