Tips for Keeping Your Golf Shirt Tucked In

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Golf is a surprisingly active game even for the most novice of players. This range of movement can take a toll on your state of dress 🙂 So how can you keep your gold shirt tucked in?

Investing in a golf shirt that fits well will prevent it from coming untucked easily while you’re playing is a great start, as is wearing a belt with suspenders if you have a particularly tough time keeping your shirt tucked in.

For our full suite of methods for keeping your golf shirts tucked in please read on…

Should you tuck your shirt in when playing golf?

The golf shirt is one of the most popular clothing items for golfers.

Wearing a tucked-in golf shirt makes it easier to swing your arms and keep them in place when you are playing. More importantly, it is not good etiquette for many golfers to wear an untucked shirt whilst golfing, especially when playing at higher end establishments. No-one likes a scruffy golfer 🙂

You will also need to pay attention to the type of golf shirt you are going to wear. Most traditional golf shirts are designed for the very purpose of tucking them in. Therefore, if you try to wear this type of shirt untucked, you are going to look close to a bride at her wedding with all that extra material draped around you 🙂

If you want to look good whilst wearing an untucked golf shirt, then buy a more modern design that has this purpose in mind. Usually they will have some kind of tapered or elasticated hem so they still look stylish and relatively smart.

5 Tips for Keeping your Golf Shirt Tucked in!

1. Invest in a golf shirt that fits well

If you have a golf shirt that fits well, it will be easier to keep the golf shirt tucked in. If your golf shirt is too big or small for your body type, then tucking in your golf shirt can become difficult and frustrating.

The best way to take care of this issue is by investing in a quality golf polo with a good fit from an established designer brand like Nike or Lacoste (my personal favorite!).

These shirts are often made from the highest-quality materials and have a perfect fit.

If you are golfing on a budget, I would recommend waiting for a sale or even buying this gear second hand rather than buying something cheap and low quality! I have even found some quality gear over at Goodwill!

This is an excellent way to get quality golf clothes for less than retail price without sacrificing any of their original quality. Once you’ve found your perfect size in this brand, it will be easy to keep them tucked in with little effort.

2. Wear the right size belt

Wearing a good fitting belt would help a lot when it comes to keeping your golf shirt in place. You could wear a regular leather belt but I would recommend a golf specific one. This is for several reasons. Firstly, it will be made with sports centric material and should therefore be breathable. Often they are woven for this very reason. Also, they will have some stretch to them, which will help you remain comfortable throughout the range of motion in your golf swing. Last but not least, everyone will know you are a golfing boss if you are wearing an expensive golf branded belt 🙂

If you get really desperate, some golfers even resort to a belt with suspenders to keep their shirts tucked in!

3. Buy Pants with a Sticky Strip

Clearly untucked golf shirts have been a problem for many because some golf pants will come with a sticky strip inside the waistband to help your golf shirts stay in place. They simply create more friction between your golf pants and shirt, making it much less likely for movement to happen!

4. Buy a Longer Golf Shirt

As we discussed above, traditional golf shirts are made with tucking in as a key feature. This means they should already be slightly longer than a traditional polo shirt. If this is still not preventing wardrobe mishaps on the course you should search out a golf shirt with a longer length. The only downside here is you might end up with a bunch of shirt material hiding under your waistband! Not ideal in hot and sticky conditions!

5. Take care of your clothes by washing them often

It is important to take care of your clothes by washing them often and letting them air dry, rather than drying them in the dryer. This will reduce the likelihood of your golf shirts shrinking and becoming harder to keep tucked in. It might seem like a pain in the ‘you know what’, but trust me it is better than flashing skin on the golf course 🙂


Some of the simplest clothing hacks can make a big difference in your golf game. By taking care to invest in clothes that fit well, you’ll be more comfortable and confident on the course. And if this isn’t enough, you can try one of our other tips to keep you looking suave and all tucked in on the golf course.

You may think that golf clothing isn’t that important to your golf game, but this all feeds into your comfort levels when out on the course. You might be surprised how much of an impact this could have.