Golf Dating: Which Dating Site is Best? 2023 Edition

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If you landed on this article, you must be a golfer trying to find a soul mate! A golfing soul mate, nonetheless! And you must be wondering which dating site would work best for this very purpose! If that is you, then please read on! I have taken the time to find the best options, so you don’t have to!

Niche Dating Site VS Broad Dating Site

Before we get into the dating site recommendations for golfers, I want to tackle the biggest factor involved in this. That is the fact that you have two main options of dating sites you can use. Either niche specific golfing dating sites (believe me, they exist) or more general dating sites that have the option to select golf as an interest. But which option is best?

In my opinion, I would never recommend that you go for the niche golf specific dating site over the mainstream ones. For the simple reason that these are much smaller operations that probably have much worse matching algorithms and a much smaller pool of potential matches to work with! How many people do you think sign up for a mainstream dating site VS a niched down golf one? I think it would be massive.

To give us an idea, let’s take a look at the internet traffic of eHarmony, one of the major players in online dating. You can see from the screenshot below that they get around 4-5 million visitors a month over the recorded 3-month period! Not bad, right!!
eharmonyAnd let’s compare this to Love Golfer, one of the bigger players in the world of gold dating 🙂 As you will see below, they only get under 5000 visitors during the same three-month period.

I am sure that you will agree, that the difference is worlds apart! And clearly, the pool of potential matches each has will be massively different. Even if you filter out eHarmony’s pool by those that are interested in golf, you will still end up with something much bigger than Love Golfer could offer!

And eHarmony, as a massive company, surely has much better technology behind their service to make sure they find you a solid match! So, in my opinion, don’t restrict yourself to only golf related sites, go all in on the more general ones! Therefore, you won’t see any gold specific dating sites in my recommended list!

Recommended Dating Sites for Golfers


You may have worked out that one of my biggest criteria for finding a dating site is size! The larger a site is, the larger their potential dating pool is. And, let’s face it, most of the top players in the dating app game will have excellent algorithms and filters to use, so size becomes the defining feature for me!

On the subject of size, you know how I said earlier that match gets around 4-5 million website visitors a month? Well, gets around 35-40 million a month at the time of writing. So the mind boggles at the amount of golf mad matches that are potentially on there!

And, of course, doesn’t only offer excellent filters for hobbies and interests such as golf, but a whole range of filters that will help you find the perfect match! This can be seen when you first go to the website. They will walk you through a full wizard where you can fill in all of your details as well as those of your ideal partner (and yes, this includes the interest of golf!!). 

The whole interface is modern and sleek and easy to use. When you combine all these things together, this is why I recommend first!

match signup

2. eHarmony

Although no match for my number 1 recommendation (see what I did there!!) in terms of size, 4-5 million hits a month is still nothing to sniff at. And will still lead to a massive pool of potential soul mates for you to work with.

As with, eHarmony also has a top-notch set of filters that will help you find your ideal match, as well as a similar style of wizard to get this information from you in a fast and efficient way. Although I would say that the layout and interface of eHarmony is even better than Not only do they have a very well made clear and sleek interface, but they also have a clear rating scale that shows the quality of each of your matches along with some of the key factors that are behind this match (along with scores). This makes it quick and easy to see good matches at a glance. And when you find the right match you can even do video dates right within the eHarmony application. This really shows the quality of the service and the innovation behind it!

3. EliteSingles

You may think that Elite Singles is a poor alternative, only getting between 1.9 and 2.5 million website visitors a month! But you would be wrong! You see, specializes in matching partners that are working professionals in their day-to-day lives. Or at the very least, more highly educated than the average American 🙂 And it is a known fact that the average golfer in America holds a similar profile. This helps to make up for the lower numbers and still gives you an excellent potential pool of sweethearts, even with almost half the traffic of eHarmony!

The only downside for me is that Elite Singles doesn’t have the same level of ‘big company feel’ as the other two recommendations above. By that, I mean that the user interface doesn’t feel quite as sleek and well made, and the features and technology involved don’t stand out as much. Don’t get me wrong, it is still a solid offering that would trounce most regular dating services, but Match and EHarmony are just on another level, in my opinion!

4. Zoosk

Although Zoosk has a weird name, don’t let that fool you! Underneath is a more than worthy dating app that would work well for golfers 🙂 In terms of size, Zoosk is only eclipsed by on this list. That is because they get between 16-18 million website visitors a month at the time of writing. Impressive stuff!

For me, Zoosk is an excellent option if you plan on using your smartphone to do most of your online dating. This is because they have some truly excellent mobile apps you can use to connect with potential partners. Anything from a video date option to a chat service. All wrapped up in a modern and trendy looking mobile friendly skin. Although there isn’t anything particularly revolutionary going on here, it is packaged up in a way that is ideal for use on smartphones!

Well, there you have it. My favorite online dating services that work well for golfers. Before I go, here are some tips for success on these platforms!

How to have the Best chance of Success with Online Dating Services?

Stand Out!

The downside of using dating apps with massive user bases is the fact that, if you are not careful, you may just seem like another fish in an ever growing and fish filled sea 🙂 Therefore it is vital that you think of ways you can make the profile you use on these dating apps really stand out from the crowd. One way to do this is to think about what makes you unique and special. Once you have figured that out, try to put that into your dating profile as much as possible. This will help you attract attention from potential partners who may be looking for someone just like you! 

Be Yourself

It may be tempting to upload a photo that shows you in an unrealistic light or describe yourself in a potentially attractive but fake way!! This might give you some short term success, but long term this will always lead to failure. And I am sure the main reason you are using these services is to find a long lasting and meaningful relationship. This can only happen is you are open and honest right from the start. People should love you for who you truly are, not what you think they would like!

Have Fun!

It’s vitally important that you have fun with this whole process. Try to be lighthearted and fun, especially at the beginning of your dating journey. If you get all ‘hot and heavy’ or overly serious too quickly, more often than not, you will simply scare off any potential suitors! So take your time and have fun with it!

Message First

Take things slow and don’t jump right in with a video date straight away 🙂 You will be surprised at how much you can learn about someones’s personality and their suitability for you by simply taking some time to chat with them through the dating apps chat service (most usually have them). This also has the advantage that you can easily talk to several potential matches at the start without it taking up days of your life. Over time, you can whittle down to the key people that you want to go further with. These are the only matches you need to have video dates etc. with. Nothing worse than getting on a video date with a match that is not suitable! Awkward!

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