Will Golf Clubs Fit in a Jaguar F-Type Convertible?

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The Jaguar F-Type convertible is genuinely a luxury sports car based on its design and performance. Its engineering delivers high performance and quick handling response, giving every driver a sporty driving experience. Still, this vehicle doesn’t offer enough trunk space for luggage, but will the available space fit golf clubs perfectly? 

Golf clubs will fit in a jaguar F-Type convertible with a few adjustments. Take out any longer clubs, the fairway woods, and the driver, then put them separately in the boot after placing the bag. That’s the only way golf clubs can fit in a Jaguar F-Type convertible. 

Jaguar claims that the F-Type convertible’s trunk can accommodate a golf bag, but is this claim valid, particularly for bags containing longer golf clubs? This article explores the F-Type’s cargo space and whether it can fit golf clubs. Keep reading to find out more. 

The Boot Space in Jaguar F-Type Convertibles

Most people buy this two-seater sports car for its style, not for the boot space. So, the Jaguar model doesn’t provide enough storage for luggage, but the room is still sufficient for a set of golf clubs

The 132-liter (4.7 cubic feet) trunk looks tiny, and its design isn’t favorable for long luggage. But, as mentioned earlier, if you adjust the golf clubs accordingly, they’ll fit inside the trunk. 

You can fit the golf clubs with the car’s rooftop folded since folding doesn’t affect the boot capacity. 

Long golf clubs won’t fit in a Jaguar F-Type without some tweaking. Here’s how to fit long clubs in the trunk: 

Step 1: Remove the Driver and Fairway Woods From the Golf Bag

The traditional golf bag holds essentials and accessories necessary for a golf game. According to the United States Golf Association, a golfer can carry a maximum of 14 clubs for play. This rule only stipulates the maximum, meaning you can have fewer clubs. 

What to carry or not primarily depends on the golfer’s preference. That said, a basic golf bag setup should incorporate the following: 

  • A driver 
  • 5-wood 
  • 3-wood 
  • Putter 
  • 4-hybrid 
  • Wedges (sand, gap, lob, pitching) 
  • 3-9 irons 

With a shaft length of 44 to 45.75 inches (112 to 116 cm), the driver is perhaps the longest golf club. According to local rules by the USGA and R&A, the shaft length shouldn’t exceed 46 inches (117 cm). The driver will pose challenges when fitting a golf bag to a Jaguar F-Type convertible with such a length. 

Another problematic club is the fairway wood. The average 3-wood shaft is 43 inches (10 cm), while the 5-wood measures about 42 inches (107 cm). When placing a golf bag into a Jaguar F -Type convertible trunk, these woods would pose a significant problem. 

Consider removing these long clubs from a golf bag before placing the bag in an F-Type’s trunk. 

Step 2: Place the Golf Bag in the Trunk

After removing the drive and woods, the golf bag should now contain shorter clubs and other small golf accessories. This golf bag should occupy approximately 3 cubic feet (0.08 cubic meters). 

The F-Type convertible comes with a 132-liter (4.7 cubic feet) trunk, meaning the golf bag will fit with room to spare. Consider putting the bag at an angle to fit perfectly. 

Step 3: Lie the Longer Clubs at a Vertical Angle in the Trunk

After placing the golf bag, the next step is to try and fit the longer clubs in the trunk. The driver and woods have extended shafts and won’t fit without some tweaks. 

Place the longer clubs at an angle while ensuring they reach the trunk’s corner. The clubs should fit without a struggle. 

The Trunk Space You Need for Golf Clubs

Golfers shopping for a new car always look at the boot size before purchasing. You want the trunk to be big enough for your golf clubs without the need to remove any longer clubs. 

How much boot space can golf clubs fit in without struggle or the need to adjust them? 

After adding golf clubs, the average size of a golf bag is about 50 inches (127 cm) tall, with a diameter of 10 inches (25.4 cm). Your car’s boot size should be approximately 208 liters (55 gal) with a 63-inch (160 cm) width to perfectly fit a set of golf clubs. 

If you’re a golfer planning to buy a car, ensure the trunk is wide enough to fit your golf clubs comfortably. Golf bags should fit in any trunk that’s 300 liters (79 gal) or more. 

Convertibles With Suitable Trunks for Golf Clubs

Besides the Jaguar F-Type convertible, here are other convertibles that can hold a set of golf clubs with their roofs folded. 

Audi A5 Cabriolet Convertible

With its roof down, the Audi A5 gives you a 380-liter (100-gallon) cargo space that can hold a set of golf clubs. However, there will be a little struggle to put them inside since the boot opening is small. For this reason, you may need to remove the driver for the golf clubs to fit in the trunk easily. 

BMW 6 Series Convertible

Whether driving with the roof down or up, a set of golf clubs will fit perfectly in your BMW 6 Series Convertible boot. 

The car provides a 350-liter (92.5-gallon) trunk space with its stack up, which changes to 300-liter (79-gallon) when you fold the roof. The 300-liter (79-gallon) space is enough for golf clubs. 

BMW 1 Series

The new BMW 1 series convertible offers a 380-liter (100-gallon) boot space. That should be more than enough available space for a set of golf clubs. Even if you have to remove the driver from the bag, you can still fit it in the boot afterward with no problems. 

Final Thoughts

Jaguar F-Type convertibles are built for luxury and performance. As such, the trunk space isn’t sufficient to hold much luggage. 

Golf clubs can fit in a Jaguar F-Type convertible, but only if you slide the longer golf clubs in separately and do a little maneuvering.

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