Will a Set of Golf Clubs Fit in a Porsche Boxster?

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Of all the roadsters available, the Porsche Boxster is one of the best. The only deal breaker would be if there’s no place to put your golf clubs. Boxsters aren’t famous for their storage space capacity, so will golf clubs fit?

Golf clubs can be always be placed in the passenger seat of a Porsche Boxster and may be placed in the trunk if the trunk’s length meets or exceeds 40in. (1016mm). Outside storage solutions such as bike racks are available but are not recommended.

If you’re interested to see where, why, and how you can store your golf clubs and maybe the golf clubs of a friend in your Porsche Boxster, then keep reading.

How do You Store Golf Clubs in a Porsche Boxster?

What are all of the potential places you can put your set of golf clubs in a Porsche Boxster? Boxsters are roadsters. For the most part, they were made for enjoying the open road at top legal speeds, so they weren’t made with much versatility in mind. Still, there are two potential placed to put your golf clubs:

  1. In the passenger seat
  2. In the trunk

The preferred place to put your clubs would naturally be in the trunk, if possible, but if it isn’t, either lay your bag in the passenger seat with the seat leaning back to keep them from sliding, or put them on the floor of the passenger seat and lead them against the seat.

Can the Trunk of a Porsche Boxster Hold a Set of Golf Clubs?

The cargo space in the trunk of a Porsche Boxster measures between 4.4 cubic feet and 19.3 cubic feet. A set of men’s standard golf club has clubs with the following sizes:

ClubSize (In.)Size (mm.)
Lob Wedge36914.4
Sand Wedge36914.4
PW36 914.4
9 Iron36.5927.1
8 Iron37939.8
7 Iron37.5952.5
6 Iron38965.2
5 Iron38.5977.9
4 Iron39990.6
3 Iron39.51003.3
7 Wood401016
5 Wood421066.8
3 Wood431092.2

The amount of cargo space you’ll have will vary based on the model and trim of your particular Boxster.

The original 1996 Porsche Boxster has 10 cubic feet of cargo space, the 2000 Porsche Boxster has 9.1 cubic feet, the 2018 has an abysmal 4.4, and the 2021 Boxster has 9.6! The last one cheats, however, because it actually has 5.2 cubic feet of space PLUS 4.4 in the cargo hold. Watch out for that as it’s not exactly golf club friendly!!

Regardless of which you have between 1996 and 2022, it isn’t necessary for your trunk to be able to fit your driver or woods.. So long as it’s about 40” long, you should be able to fit every other club inside and fit the long clubs in the passenger side.

Even the 2013 Boxster and Boxter S with their 4.6 cubic feet of trunk space can fit the clubs in the golf bag and the driver just underneath.

Would Any Modifications Allow More Golf Clubs to Fit in a Porsche Boxster?

If you have a Porsche Boxster, you know that you can only get so creative with where you store your clubs before it creates problems, and not least of all, depreciates the value of your car because of damages.

Can anything be added to your Boxster to hold the clubs? It’s not recommended to place your golf clubs anywhere outside of your car because your clubs are loose and can fly out. It is easy to place them in a travel bag that keeps the golf clubs inside, but it’s still not as secure as when you keep them inside your Boxster.

Where would you put them outside your car? A single Boxster owner has installed a bike mount to the back of their Porsche and uses it to carry their clubs, but their vision of the traffic behind them is blocked.

Can I Fit Two Sets of Golf Clubs in a Porsche Boxster?

Of course, if you like to go golfing, you probably have at least one friend who likes to go too, and it’s hardly worth investing in a nice speeder if you can’t fit both of your bags at once.

If we try to fit two standard men’s golf club bags in the trunk, it’s difficult to judge whether or not your Porsche Boxster can fit them based on the single cubic foot measurement. You can have various lengths, depths, and heights and end up with the same amount of space in cubic feet.

We can take the example of one of the Boxsters that lies in between the 4.4 cubic feet and 19.3 of cargo space mark. The 2007 Porsche Boxster has 9.5 cubic feet of cargo space, but what’s important is that, as demonstrated in this video, it’s long enough and just deep enough to lay all of your golf clubs (except your drivers) on the bottom of the trunk outside of the bag and lay your bags next to each other on top.

If room is tight in the trunk, you may have an easier time if you combine your irons with your friend’s irons, putter with their putter, woods with their woods, etc. and then once everything is grouped together, line one group of clubs with the heads on the left or right side, and the next group with the heads lying on the opposite side. Then, you repeat the pattern with the rest of the clubs before putting the bags on top.


You shouldn’t have to forfeit on your dream car because it doesn’t fit your clubs. You’ll either find a way to make them fit, or find a make and model that does fit them. Never compromise!


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