Can You Fit Golf Clubs in A Honda Civic?

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It’s finally time to head out to enjoy the beautiful weather by hitting the golf links for a few rounds. All you have to do is toss your golf clubs in your car and head out, but you take one quick look at the trunk of your Honda Civic and think, will my golf clubs fit in the trunk?

Generally, a full set of golf clubs will fit into the backseat or trunk of any Honda Civic model. Honda Civics are built with spacious interiors and options for the backseat to be collapsible, adjustable or removed, making it easy to transport golf clubs.

Not wanting to damage your Honda Civic or your beloved golf clubs, there are a few considerations to make before getting your golf clubs to fit in the trunk of a Honda Civic. Read on to see how your golf clubs and gear will fit in your Honda Civic.

Can Your Model of Honda Civic Fit Golf Clubs?

It comes as no surprise that owning a compact and economical car like a Honda Civic can be a great purchase for any consumer and is often looked at due to the spacious interiors. For the average golfer who owns a Honda Civic, it can present a challenge when it comes to transporting their golf clubs, whether it’s a full set or half set of clubs. There are several models of Honda Civic on the market and fitting your golf clubs and gear in the car is possible and how you load the golf clubs depends on which model you are driving.

All Honda Civic models offer versatile and adjustable backseat options that will make loading your golf clubs into the backseat or trunk a breeze and get you on your way to your tee time without being late.

Whether you are driving the Honda Civic sedan, coupe, hatchback or sporty type R you can fit your golf clubs in the car without too much of a hassle due to all models offering spacious storage space.

Can Your Honda Civic Sedan or Coupe Fit Your Golf Clubs?

If you find yourself driving a Honda Civic Sedan you will be pleased to know that with a quick fold-down of the back seat, you can slide your golf clubs into the back of the car with relative ease.

Generally, a full golf bag (with the stands attached) can be loaded up into the trunk or backseat either vertically or horizontally. The exact specifications for the Honda Civic Sedan are as follows:

With the Honda Civic Coupe, you will have the ability to use the 60/40 fold-down backseat to load your golf clubs into and still have a little extra space for a separate smaller bag to hold your golf shoes and extra golf balls. The exact specifications for the Honda Civic Coupe are as follows:

There is enough space in either the Honda Civic Sedan or Coupe to allow a comfortable fit of any amount of golf clubs as long as the golf clubs are loaded in from the trunk with the backseats folded down. If you are looking for a bit of extra security for your clubs, when loading them into the back of your Civic, wrap a towel around the club heads to better protect them from the jostling of the car movements as you drive.

Can Your Honda Civic Hatchback Fit Your Golf Clubs?

The Honda Civic Hatchback will offer you the most versatile space when it comes to fitting your golf clubs into the trunk. Whether you stash your golf clubs horizontally or vertically, once those backseats get folded down, you can load the golf clubs however you like.

A special mention should be given to the Honda Civic Hatchback as it features extra removable side spacers in the trunk for you to be able to fit more golf gear without the worry of bending your driver in the process. The exact trunk and backseat specifications for the Honda Civic Hatchback are as follows:

  • 25.7 cubic feet
  • 46.2 cubic feet with the rear seats folded down
  • 23 cubic feet in the sport trim version of the Hatchback

Generally, golf clubs range in length from 18 inches and are no bigger than 48 inches which bodes well for loading any size club into a Honda Civic Hatchback which can accommodate any length of golf club in your bag.

Can Your Honda Civic Type R Fit Your Golf Clubs?

To round out the various models of Honda Civic that golf clubs can fit in, we will take a quick look at the Honda Civic Type R. There are a few features in the Honda Civic Type R that will prove to be handy if you have a few clubs that you would like to take along for a few rounds on the golf course. With adjustable and one-point fold-flat seats, the Type R can offer enough laying down vertical clearance for your golf clubs to ride comfortably to the course. The exact specifications of the Honda Civic Type R are as follows:

  • 14.8 cubic feet of space
  • 55.7 cubic feet of space with seats folded down
  • A golf bag can be loaded vertically if loaded from the trunk

As a whole, when checking that your golf clubs and the bag fit into your Honda Civic Type R, try out a couple of scenarios, such as loading your golf bag into the trunk with all of your golf clubs inside of it. Alternatively, try loading your golf clubs and bag separately to see what the best and safest fit is being mindful to not bend your clubs in the process.

Time To Hit The Golf Course In Your Honda Civic With Your Golf Clubs!

The last thing any avid golfer would want is to have their golf clubs bent, scratched or damaged in any way due to loading them into their Honda Civic the wrong way.

Generally, as long as you can adjust or remove the backseats in your Honda Civic, you can find a safe way to transport your beloved golf clubs to the golf course without any problems and enjoy your time on the links!


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