The 8 Best Types of Golf Clubs for Seniors

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If you’re a senior and are looking for golf clubs, it can be challenging to decipher which ones you should purchase. Online there is a boatload of different choices ranging from price, weight, looks, and most importantly, quality. If you’re someone struggling with just that, I suggest you see the below best types of golf clubs for seniors:

Best Types of Golf Clubs for SeniorsKey features
1.TaylorMade SIM MAX Iron/Hybrid Combo SetSpeed Bridge Technology which promotes distance, sound, and comfort Includes ultra-thin faces, which helps with ball accuracy It can be purchased in graphite and steel depending on your preferences and budget
2.MACGREGOR CG3000 Set & Golf BagIncludes a durable and convenient golf bag A great all-rounder for beginners, intermediate and professional players It comes with all club types that suit most golf courses and environments
3.Majek K5 Senior Hybrid Golf Iron SetIncludes a deeper cavity which offers extra forgiveness with off-center shots Has graphite shafts that promote faster swings The club heads are very shallow, which provides a lower center of gravity (OG), allowing you to drive balls much higher
4.Wilson Profile SGI Complete Golf SetExtremely affordable and well-rounded golfing setCome with Super Game improvement Technology which is design to help seniors swing Includes an “Easy Launch” sand wedge which can offer better control and consistent shots than other types of wedges
5.Tour Edge Golf- Bazooka 470 Black Complete SetGraphite shaft, making them very lightweight and easy to handle Includes everything you need to get started For the value, it’s a superb golf club set
6.Callaway Men’s Strata Ultimate Complete Golf SetHas a diverse number of clubs to suit all game situations Includes the perfect mix of both control and forgiveness because of the stainless steel Comes with a durable and sturdy bag
7.Precise M5 Men’s Complete Golf Clubs Package SetFor the price, it’s an excellent golfing set that everybody can reek benefits from They look visually pleasing Includes both a golf bag and three headcovers
8.Cobra Golf Men’s Airspeed Complete SetIt has a very light driver (50 grams) Superb for golfers wanting to invest in quality clubs The irons have an off-set design to reduce weight and promote more accurate shots

As you can see, there are various options you can choose between depending on your overall requirements. If you’d like to become more knowledgeable about the above clubs, I recommend you look at the below.

What golf clubs are best for seniors?

The above information is excellent as it narrows down the vast selection of clubs found online into something more manageable. Each set comes with some great key features depending on your needs. If you’re still unsure about which of the above sets will be best for you, it’s best to check out the following information.

1.TaylorMade SIM MAX Iron/Hybrid Combo Set

If you’re a golfing fanatic, you’ll understand the reputation that TaylorMade clubs has generated since joining the industry. The quality of build these clubs include are astronomical, and many people say that these TaylorMade clubs are some of the best in the industry.

If you’re someone looking for remarkably built clubs, then you seriously need to consider this brand. Clubs provided by TaylorMade are great for all golfers, no matter their age or expertise. The reason these clubs are so good for seniors is that they come equipped with lightweight graphite shafts.

Including the above, this combo set has some excellent club features. Here’s what they’re:

  • Speed bridge – This bridge helps support the topline of the iron. From this, you’ll be able to gain extra distance and forgiveness on your swing.
  • ECHO damping system – I love this feature as it reduces vibration, making it much more comfortable on impact, and improves accuracy.
  • Speed pocket – This increases the clubs’ flexibility, making it much easier to hit powerful shots.
  • Progressive inverted cone technology – If you’re right-handed and tend to slice, this technology reduces that as it’s designed to provide a slight draw.
Includes Speed Bridge Technology or SBT, which is specifically designed to increase the distance of your swings while providing superb comfort.You’ll need to purchase a golf club bag, as this doesn’t include one.
It also comes equipped with Speed Pocket Technology. This helps increase the ball’s overall speed and enhances forgiveness.This set only comes with a hybrid and wedge. Because of this, you’ll need to purchase a driver, woods, or putter separately.
All heads are ultra-thin. This helps with the trajectory of the ball and the accuracy.For someone looking to start golfing, this can be a pricy investment.

2.MACGREGOR CG3000 Set & Golf Bag  

The following best clubs for seniors is the MACGREGOR CG3000 set. Let me tell you, this set has honestly blown us away, considering the price. Don’t get me wrong, there are some flaws because of the cost. But if you’re looking for a well-rounded golf set that has good-quality clubs at a reasonable price, then you need to consider this option.

In this kit, you’ll receive drivers, woods, hybrids, irons, and a putter, making it an ideal choice for someone getting into the world of golf. Including all these clubs, you get a good-looking and sleek golf bag to make transportation much more manageable.

For the price, I don’t believe you’ll find anything similar to the CG3000. This is because they’re designed like high-end clubs but just crafted with cheaper material. Of course, this increases the total weight of the clubs and overall build quality, but if you’re solely looking for well-designed clubs that’ll suit your beginner needs, this is worth thinking about.

This is an excellent club set for beginners as it’s well-design, comes with various club types, and is affordable.Because of the price, there are some flaws. Golfers commonly say the grips feel very cheap and wear relatively fast.
It’s known to have a very forgiving driver, which is superb for generating distance.The pitching wedge isn’t designed optimally, and it can be rather tricky to get used to.
People have said that the clubs are well-balanced, making them great for most golfers.The golf bag included with the set is known to be low-quality.

3.Majek K5 Senior Hybrid Golf Iron Set

If you’re looking for traditional golf clubs, you may not like this next set from Majek. Surprisingly, these next sets of clubs are all hybrid irons. But, they’re adapted in a way to suit a multitude of different game situations.

The set itself is known to be full of easy-to-hit hybrid golf clubs, making them a great beginner-friendly club. Included in this, they’re also incredibly lightweight as they come with graphite shafts that are designed to give you maximum swing speed.

To gain a better insight of what hybrid irons are in this set, see below:

  • #3 (40 inches; Loft 19 degrees)
  • #4 (39 1/2 inches; Loft 22 degrees)
  • #5 (39 Inches; Loft 25 degrees)
  • #6 (38 1/2 inches; Loft 28 degrees)
  • #7 (38 inches; Loft 31 degrees)
  • #8 (37 1/2 inches; Loft 35 degrees)
  • #9 (37 inches; Loft 40 degrees)
  • Pitching wedge (36 1/2 inches; Loft 44 degrees)

As you can see, you get a vast number of different lengths and head angles. Because of this, you’re able to hit balls in all locations on the fairway or green.

Includes a deeper cavity back on all clubs, which can help provide extra forgiveness on off-center shots.This set doesn’t include any traditional irons as they’re all hybrid clubs.
The graphite shaft makes it a superb option for all seniors as it’s lightweight and easy to handle.You’ll need to outsource a golf bag that suits the clubs as it doesn’t come with one.
It comes with shallow heads, which can help swings that require higher angles and distance.  Because of their hybrid clubs, you may want to purchase a putter, driver, woods, or additional wedges.

4.Wilson Profile SGI Complete Golf Set

Another superb golf set for seniors is the Wilson Profiles SGI Set. This golf club’s most prominent feature is the Super Game Improvement Technology (SGI), which is designed to specifically aid seniors with their swings.

With the above, all clubs are super lightweight and have oversized all-weather grips to maximize comfort during the swing. This is great because the more comfortable a swing is, the longer you can physically play as a senior, which is excellent news.

Wilson golf clubs are well-known to be beginner, intermediate, and experience friendly, depending on the model of clubs you opt-in for. Within its club set selection, you’re able to get an array of different colors and sizes to ensure all golfers are covered depending on their requirements.

This set includes the following:

  • #5 Fairway wood
  • #5 Hybrid
  • #6, #7, #8, #9 Irons
  • Pitching wedge
  • Sand wedge
  • Putter
  • Cart bag, and head covers

Considering the price, you get a nice amount of different clubs and golfing accessories, which is the main reason why we put this set on the list. To better understand the pros and cons of this set, see below:   

Has Super Game Improvement Technology which aims to help seniors swing more comfortably.The bag supplied with this kit isn’t suitable for carts, and it’s just free-standing.
The 460cc driver is equipped with a High Loft which helps promote more power and a better launch.The price is excellent, but the clubs are only for complete beginners looking to start this sport inexpensively.
Within this kit, the sand wedge is very light and has a wider sole. This enables the golfer to have much more control with their shots.If you’re taller than 6 feet, you may want to consider other clubs as these are probably too short.

5.Tour Edge Golf- Bazooka 470 Black Complete Set

Another worthwhile mention is the Tour Edge Golf-Bazooka 470 golfing set. The Bazooka range is undoubtedly one of a kind and something that many people adore. These clubs feature an extremely aerodynamic head, which is design to provide an optimal center of gravity. By providing this, your shots instantly become more stable, accurate, and powerful.

Included with the set are the below clubs:

  • 460CC Titanium powered driver
  • #3, #4 Fairway woods
  • #4, #5 Hybrids
  • #6 Irons
  • Putter

With the above clubs comes a lightweight, dual-strap stand bag, which aids the transportation of your equipment.

Without a doubt, if you’re looking to invest in quality golf clubs, you’ll want to consider the Bazooka range. There superbly built, designed, extremely lightweight, and somewhat affordable.

It’s an affordable option for anyone looking to start golf.This golf set is for beginners and beginners only.
Includes everything you need to get started, such as clubs, bags, and headcovers.The bag supplied is reviewed as “cheap”, but it’ll still be suitable for any beginner.
All club heads are designed to be aerodynamic, making them swing faster and easier.These golf clubs are only available in right-hand. Because of this, left-hand golfers cannot reek the benefits.

6.Callaway Men’s Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set

Another golf set that deserves an honorable mention is the Strata collection from Callaway. Many people within the golfing community choose Callaway as their clubs, because they’re well-known for providing quality.

This set includes the below golf clubs:

  • Driver
  • #3 wood
  • #4 & #5 Hybrid
  • #6 to #9 Iron
  • Putter

The great thing about this golf set is that it also comes with a stand bag and four head covers to protect your clubs. Something we like about these golf clubs is that they’re incredibly flexible. This helps with an abundance of different factors, including swing speed, accuracy, and stability.  

This set includes a diverse mix of clubs that can cater to almost all golfing situations.People have mentioned that the 3-wood supplied doesn’t feel right, and it takes a lot of adjusting to get used to it.
All clubs offer great control and forgiveness capabilities because of the stainless-steel material.If you haven’t got a fast swing, you won’t cover large distances with the drivers.
There has been an array of positive reviews about the comfortable and durable grip on all clubs.Several reviews suggest that the club’s heads are weak and can easily break.

7.Precise M5 Men’s Complete Golf Clubs Package Set

Now, if you’re a beginner or intermediate senior player looking for a great value of money, then the Precise M5 Golf Set may be your answer. This golf set is astonishing, considering the price. With this set, you’ll get titanium clubs that are somewhat lightweight, durable, and balanced.

This set is ideal for an intermediate upgrade or complete beginner usage. Something we like about this is the offset design on the clubs. Having features like this on your clubs is specially designed to meet golfers with this level of experience. The off-set allows you to hit higher, harder and steadier.

Affordable for any new golfer, and the price doesn’t reflect on the build quality.The primary target audience for these clubs is beginners.
The clubs and bag come with a modern and elegant look.With the set, you’ll only get one hybrid club.
Comes with a stand, clubs, and headcoversThey only offer a tall size for right-hand golfers, so tall left-hand hitters should probably give this set a miss.

8.Cobra Golf Men’s Airspeed Complete Set

If you have a large budget, you’ll certainly get excited about this golf set from Cobra. Cobra is known for its high-end clubs, and they produce some of the best golf clubs for anyone, including seniors. The reason these clubs are suitable for seniors is because of their weight. These clubs are incredibly lightweight, especially the driver, which is a remarkable 50 grams light. This is excellent for all senior players as they’ll be easy to swing and transport.

The set comes with everything you need, including:

  • Driver
  • #3 & #5 Woods
  • #4 and #5 Hybrids
  • #6 to #9 Irons
  • Pitch & Sand wedges
  • Blade putter
  • Headcovers
  • Cart Bag

Although the price may seem high, it’s undoubtedly a golf set that won’t disappoint. All clubs are perfectly designed for accuracy, making your golf play much better. But it doesn’t stop at the clubs, and the cart bag is also phenomenal. This bag will come with your standard club compartments and various other storage places, including a large insulated cooler to keep drinks and snacks cool.   

Extremely high-quality golfing set which is perfect for all beginners or professional golfers.Without a doubt, it’s considered a professional set, and the price reflects on this.
The driver is remarkably light at 50 grams, making it one of the lighter drivers on the market.Surprisingly, the bag is only a cart bag and doesn’t come with any stand legs
With this set comes a bag with plenty of additional storage spaces, including a large insulated cooler pocket.If you prefer mallet putters, you’ll need to purchase one as this set only includes a blade putter.

Are graphite shafts better for seniors?

In terms of steel, graphite is a much better shaft material for seniors. This is for an array of different reasons, so let me summarize this below:


The overall “feel” of the club is vital for all golfers. When you strike a ball with a steel shaft, it feels pretty solid, and you’ll feel the vibrations run up your arm. However, if you strike a ball with a graphite shafted club, the material absorbs some of the impact. Because of this, it feels a lot more comfortable and easier to strike a ball.

Minimizing the amount of impact that you can feel can also reduce the chances of injury occurring. As a senior, you’ll want to avoid this at all costs to continue playing.


Another important comparison to why graphite shafts are better for seniors is the club’s torque. As a rule of thumb, the more torque a club has, the more comfortable it is. But the negatives to a high torque is that you have much less control of the ball.

Typically, steel shafts have a torque of around 1 to 3. Whereas with graphite shafts, you’ll get a much more significant and broader amount of torque at 1 to 8. Because of this, we confirm that graphite shafted golf clubs are much more comfortable than steel ones.


If you haven’t guessed already, the total weight of a club is a significant factor for many golfers. In theory, the lighter a club is, the more power you’re able to get on the swing. But, there is a downside to having extremely lightweight clubs. If you’re not experienced in using them, they tend to reduce accuracy.

On average, steel clubs weigh around 100 to 120g. But, graphite is a considerable amount lighter at 60 to 70g. In my eyes, seniors need the lightest possible golf clubs. This dramatically reduces strain and will allow them to carry their clubs much more effortlessly.


Another critical factor is flex. For those who don’t know, flex allows the club to generate more power during the swing. As you can probably imagine, steel isn’t very flexible, and you’re correct. But graphite is, and that means you’re able to create more power with less of a swing, making it an excellent shaft choice for seniors.


When I think of performance, I think of all of the above factors. If you were to compare steel shafts to graphite shafts for seniors, graphite is the undisputed winner for several reasons. Here’s what they are:

  • Vibration – Graphite is well-known to dramatically reduce the amount of vibration that is felt upon impact. This is great as it reduces the chances of injury and allows the strike to be a lot smoother.
  • Control – Due to minimum vibration, you instantly gain more control of the ball, making your shots a lot more accurate.
  • Power – As mentioned, graphite clubs come with insane flexibility. Because of this, they can generate immense power from swings, which means you can hit harder with ease.


After reading the above, you should be able to justify your golf club purchase much more if you’re a senior. We understand there are many golfing sets available online, and it can be hard to tear them apart. However, we’ve dived deep into this selection and pulled out the top 8 we recommend for senior golfers.

So, what are you waiting for? Now you’re knowledgeable on the best golf clubs for seniors, why not go ahead and make that purchase?