Do Golf Clubs Fit in A VW Golf?

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So, you’re going to play golf with your friends, you bought new clubs and you’re excited to try them out, but you’re wondering will they fit in your VW Golf?

As a general rule, golf clubs won’t fit in a VW Golf unless the back seats are folded forwards. This means that only two people will be able to fit in the car while the clubs are in.

Even though golf clubs won’t fit in a VW Golf without some adjustments to the car they do fit. However, there are some cars that golf clubs will fit in, without having to make any or as hampering adjustments to the car. Keep reading to find out what they are. 

What is the standard size of a golf bag?

When buying a golf bag to fit a certain car it is worth measuring the boot or back seats of the car and comparing it to golf bag sizes. There are standard golf bag sizes than can be used as a general rule of thumb.

  • The average height of a standard golf bag is around 36 inches, this is without any clubs, so take this into account when measuring. With clubs, bags can reach around 50 inches tall. However, remember to measure clubs as different types of clubs may differ in size.
  • The diameter of most golf bags is around 10 inches, unlike the height, this size will stay the same with golf clubs or accessories inside.

Therefore, when picking a golf club, make sure to compare the measurements of the chosen car with the measurements of the golf club bag. Remember to add a few inches to the calculation so that the bag can be easily and safely stored.

How to fit golf clubs in a VW Golf

VW Golfs are common and affordable cars that many drivers may drive. Standard questions such as the speed or fuel capacity of a car, the size of the boot, and storage possibilities are also important factors. Many golfers may question if golf clubs can fit in the car and they can.

To fit golf clubs in a VW Golf, the rear seats must be folded forwards, this is easy to do.

  • Open the boot of the car. 
  • Find the lever on the left of the left-hand seat. Push this lever forward, a red tab should emerge from in the seat, when this happens, push the seat forward. 
  • Then move to the other side of the boot and repeat the process, the middle seat will also fall down.

Following these steps will allow the clubs to fit in the back of a VW Golf easily and safely.

How to safely store golf clubs?

Many golfers invest a lot of money into golf clubs and as a result, they should be safely kept. Where golf clubs are stored can make significant differences to the golf clubs’ life span.

  • Car boot– Contrary to popular belief, golf clubs should not be left in the boot of the car. Many golfers may do this, however leaving golf clubs in the boot of the car can damage the clubs. When the car is moving, the clubs will bang around, possibly getting scratched or dented and the heat inside the trunk can break down the epoxy affixing on the clubs’ heads
  • Garage-Many golfers store clubs in a garage. This is safe for a short amount of time-for example overnight or for a couple of days. However, leaving clubs in a garage for a long period of time can be damaging. Moisture and humidity build-up in garages can lead to rust. When leaving clubs in the garage for a short amount of time, make sure to dry them so that rust doesn’t appear.
  • Inside the home-The best place to store golf clubs over a long period of time is inside the home or any location that is dry and doesn’t reach high temperatures or swing between extremely hot and cold.

Where golf clubs are stored is pivotal to the health of the clubs. In addition to storing clubs correctly, make sure to clean the clubs regularly, dry the club bag and use the club’s rain cover when playing in the rain to ensure that the bag doesn’t collect and hold water.

Golf clubs that are kept clean, dry, and in temperature-controlled areas will last for a long time, keeping their performance and material in good shape.

In addition, make sure to keep golf clubs out of sight, away from windows and covered up if inside a car- to ensure that they cannot be seen by passersby.

What other affordable cars can golf clubs fit in? 

Some Golfers may need more room for other people or items in their car, therefore pushing the seats forward is not a viable option. Therefore, are options for other, affordable cars that will fit golf clubs, without adjusting the back seats. 

  • Citroen C3– This is an affordable car with a price of around £9000 (for a new car), it boasts low running costs and is great as an everyday run-around car. The Citroen C3 fits standard golf bags in safely, however, the parcel shelf may need to be removed-despite this, it is still more convenient than the VW Golf.
  • Vauxhall Astra-Another affordable option with prices around £14,000. This car also fits clubs without having to adjust the back seats, however similarly to the Citroen C3 the parcel shelf may need to be removed.
  • Ford Focus-The Focus is the first of the affordable cars that can fit golf clubs without any adjustment. For a new car, the Focus is around £16,000 in price. Even though this is a higher price than the previous cars, the Focus is the easiest to put golf clubs in – with no adjustments needed.
  • Kia Ceed– Similarly to the Ford Focus, the Kia Ceed fits golf clubs in with no changes needed to the boot or parcel shelf. This car also boasts cheaper prices with a new car costing around £14,000 therefore similarly to the Focus this is a cheap and efficient option.

Therefore, there are various affordable cars that can fit golf clubs with more efficiency than the VW Golf.

 However, what must be considered when storing golf clubs in cars is that they are covered when the car is parked to avoid robbery by passers-by- so take care when storing and removing the parcel shelf.

In addition to this many cars have high load lips and as such, it can be potentially difficult to lift golf club bags over this. Someone with mobility issues may want to consider this as it may be difficult to lift and store bags in cars with this feature.

So, do golf clubs fit in a VW Golf?

Without making any adjustments to the VW Golf, golf clubs do not fit in the car. 

However, by pushing down the back seats, golf clubs can safely fit in the back. This isn’t the most efficient way to store golf clubs as it is time-consuming and limits the use of the rest of the car- as the back seats cannot be used. If this is an issue, there are multiple other affordable cars on the market that post much easier ways of storing golf clubs. Such as the Kia Ceed or the Ford Focus.

In addition to this, storing clubs correctly is important to their health and performance, therefore, keep them away from humid or high-temperature areas. Storing inside the home is the best practice to follow.


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