Do Golf Clubs Fit in a Porsche 911?

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There’s nothing wrong with wanting a really nice car, especially if you’ve made it to retirement. You should enjoy yourself! And enjoying yourself usually means golfing whenever you can. The only problem is, if you have a Porsche 911, or are looking for one, where are you supposed to put your golf clubs?

Golf clubs can fit in a Porsche 911 by having the back seats folded down, and the clubs laid on top, with the drivers/woods taken out and laid beside the bag. Extra-long or oversized golf clubs will not fit, but standard-sized or collapsable clubs will.

If you would like to find out how many creative ways there are to fit your clubs in your Porsche 911 the clubs that will and will not fit, then keep reading!

How Can Golf Clubs Fit in a Porsche 911?

A Porsche 911’s trunk (situated at the front of the car due to its rear engine layout) will typically only have 4.6 cubic feet of space, which can fit one carry-on suitcase. Have you compared a piece of luggage to your golf club set? The front trunk isn’t going to do the trick. So where can you put your golf clubs?

There are about 3 suitable ways to store your standard-sized golf clubs:

  1. In the Passenger seat
  2. On the floor on the passenger seat side
  3. Across the back seats

First, is the front seat. You can always place them beside you in the front passenger seat, with the seat leaning back. That keeps the clubs within arms-length and they won’t shuffle around. The clubs may get in the way of your view of the back window while driving if the chair isn’t leaning back far enough, so be sure to check for that.

This isn’t a viable option if you are headed to the course with a partner, especially if they have their own golf bag with them. So now we’ll look at what we can do with the back seats.

You could place the base of your bag on the floor in front of one of the back seats and let it lean on the seat, but this isn’t very secure, especially if you’ll be driving with the convertible top down, and you would have to slide a front seat forward to make room. That would be uncomfortable if you have a passenger.

Easily the best place to put your golf clubs is across the back seats AFTER you fold the seats down. There still isn’t quite enough room to just place your whole bag inside. You need to take your woods out and put them to the side, then your bag should lay perfectly flat across the seats, with just enough room. There might even be enough room to stack your golf bag and your partner’s bag on top of each other, with the convertible’s cover pulled up.

What Kinds of Golf Clubs can Fit in a 911?

Your standard-sized golf clubs for men that are about 45 inches long should be able to fit just fine across the back seat, minus the drivers and some irons of course.

If you need to make more room, you could consider using collapsible or telescopic golf clubs. These are clubs that were made to save space and be easy to transport. There aren’t just short putters, either. Other collapsible clubs include,

  • Drivers
  • Wedges
  • Hybrids
  • And long putters (Chest putters).

They can all fit neatly in a 2-foot-long bag. This isn’t a bad option if your passenger is one of your children or grandchildren who’s just getting interested in puttering around. They aren’t a bad option for you either if all you intend to do is practice your green game.

Those options should work just fine, but If you really want to push the limits on how to minimize the space your golf clubs take up, maybe so that you can pack a good-sized lunch box and a case of beer in the back seat, you could try just bringing the All-In-One Golf Club.

What better way to really maximize the little space available in your Porsche than bringing a single golf club that can turn into a driver, putter, 8 different wedges, or iron set, all in a single telescopic shaft? At 17-inches long when collapsed, you’ll even get it in the front trunk. So the good news is that for most of us, our set of golf clubs will fit just fine, but some of us aren’t so lucky.

What Golf Clubs Won’t Fit in a 911?

You might be wondering how golf clubs wouldn’t be able to fit in a Porsche 911 now that we’ve explained they can, but frequent or competitive golfers likely have other specialty golf clubs besides the telescopic sort. Will these fit? Unfortunately, most specialty golf clubs won’t.

Some of you are tall men who need longer clubs, such as the XL or XXL Taylor Made Irons. These clubs, as an example, are approximately 2 inches or so longer than a standard set of men’s clubs. Since your woods already have trouble fitting in the back seat, a whole set of extra-long clubs won’t fit either.

Similarly, if you are actually a new golfer, you might have purchased a set of oversized clubs. These clubs have features designed to help you swing consistently, reduce the effects of a bad swing or making poor contact with the ball, and generally be more forgiving.

The only problem with these clubs is that the heads are made to be twice as “deep” and almost three times as wide as those of standard clubs. They take up quite a bit of room, which is space that your Porsche already can’t spare.

What Can I do to Store My Golf Clubs More Easily?

You can save yourself some frustration if, before you try to put your golf clubs and bag in the back seat, you first measure the length and width of the back seat area that you can use, and measure your clubs and bag.

We can’t guarantee every golf bag will be able to fit the Porsche 911s such as the Carerra, the Targa 4, and the Turbo, each with different dimensions. Some are bulkier than others, such as those with extra-large golf ball bags or bags with large bases. If you can find thinner golf bags, or a smaller bag with fewer golf clubs, that will give you more room to work with.

Try to avoid the travel covers. Some of them are as long as 52 inches while the standard bags are about 35 inches. The extra length comes from a hard case that protects the clubs, but it’s a bulky addition that’s meant to hold your drivers too, so your Porsche won’t have the room for this kind of bag.

Lastly, if you have collapsible golf clubs, like the ones we mentioned before, those will save you a considerable amount of room, and maybe you can even store them in the front trunk. We can’t make any guarantees on their effect on your game, though.


Congratulations on making it to the end of the article! If you still haven’t found a solution to your golf club space problem in here, maybe consider buying another car. But, between the tried-and-true place of storing your clubs in your Porsche, using only the clubs that can fit, and utilizing specialty clubs if you really have to, you should be able to go golfing with no trouble. Enjoy your game and watch out for wild birdies!


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