Will Golf Clubs Fit in a Honda S2000?

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Generally, if you can find a nice old roadster like the Honda S2000, it’s a good buy, but not if you can’t fit your golf clubs for a nice, classy game to fit a classy car. Most luxury and sports cars do not have the reputation of having a lot of cargo space. Is the Honda S2000 any different?

Honda S2000 trunks will definitely hold standard-sized golf clubs flat, with the exception of the drivers. The cargo space for a Honda S2000, on average, between 2000 and 2009 was 5 cubic feet, which should easily accommodate the average 39” long irons. Extra-long golf clubs and golf bags, however, will not fit.

If you’re set on this Honda but need to know how or if you can fit a bag of golf clubs inside, then keep reading. We have all the information you need below.

Where Can I Fit Golf Clubs in a Honda S2000?

Honda S2000s pose more of a space issue for golfers than most sports and luxury cars, namely because there is the absence of a back seat entirely. Even Porsche 911s have a back seat to rest golf clubs on. So where can you put your clubs?

There are two or three places you can place your clubs:

  • On the floor of the passenger seat leaning against the chair
  • In the passenger seat with the seat leaning back
  • Mostly in the trunk

Yes, even this Honda has a few places to store your clubs. The easiest option is the first, to just set them against the passenger seat on the floor. The only trouble you may have is if the clubs block your view of the right-side mirror. This will feel like a more secure option when you want to drive without the canopy.

Then, there’s the option where you set the bag on the passenger seat. You’ll need to lean it back to keep the bag from just falling forward, but just make sure you don’t block your view of the back window.

Lastly, we have the trunk. We said “mostly in the trunk” because the cargo space in a Honda S2000 is only 5 cubic feet. Is this really enough? Yes. If you remove your longer irons and fairway woods, the rest of the clubs and the bag will fit snuggly and perfectly flat. Then you can rest the clubs you took out on top.  

On the other hand, we should point out that the Honda S2000 had slightly variated models between 2000 and 2009, so this may or may not be accurate for your particular model. For our purposes, we are focusing on the 2009 Honda S2000.

How Many Golf Clubs Can I Fit in a Honda S2000?

  • The average golfer may have more or less clubs in their bag, but the USGA permits 14 total clubs, all of which – except the drivers and any lengthy irons – can fit in a Honda S2000’s trunk flat.
  • So long as none of your clubs exceed the width of your trunk and they all fit it your golf bag, you should be able to fit them all. Like we said before, you can then lay your longer clubs on top and fit them into the space around the bag.
  • As for a total number, it’s hard to say, but in the 2009 model, if you have a partner riding with you and bringing along their own bag, you should be able to stack the two bags on top of each other. Your passenger will probably have to hold all of the drivers though.

Will All Golf Clubs Fit in a Honda S2000?

Not all golf clubs are made equal. Some are specially made to suit tall men by being at least 2” longer than the standard sized clubs. These clubs are called Extra-long clubs, creatively, and definitely do not fit in the trunk of a Honda S2000.

Other golf clubs you may have trouble with are oversized clubs. These have wider heads instead of longer shafts, to help beginner golfers make consistent swings and generally be more forgiving when they make a bad swing or a poor contact with the golf ball.

The trunk of the Honda isn’t very wide at the far ends and trying to fit 14 double-sized clubs may give you problems.

Do All Golf Bags Fit in a Honda S2000?

Just as there are extra-large golf clubs, there are also extra-large golf bags. Golf travel bags and travel covers, for instance, are made to extend farther than average golf bags in order to cover the ends of the golf clubs, including your drivers. So, instead of the average 35” length it turns out to be 52” long, far exceeding the limit.

Staff golf bags are some of the largest bags available that many golfers purchase, second only to the travel bags. They are about 35”L x 10.5”W x 15”D, so they will fit in the trunk of your Honda. Golf cart bags are about the same size as the staff bags, one is just lighter than the other and has more pockets, so the cart bags should also fit.

Some bags will be “larger” by including extra-large golf ball pockets, but that won’t be any problem because there’s plenty of space widthwise to accommodate that kind of feature.

If you want to look for a smaller bag, maybe to hold any collapsible clubs you may have, then mini staff bags that range between 8.5”-9.5” or a small over-the-shoulder mini-golf club bag, which are about 12”.  


So, in short, yes, you can fit your standard golf clubs in a Honda S2000, even in the trunk, so long as you remove your irons and don’t use an oversized bag. You just won’t be able to fit your lunch in the trunk with them. Or anything else, for that matter. But to be fair, the Honda S2000 was made for enjoying the road more than the golf course.


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