Will Golf Clubs Fit in a BMW 3 Series?

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BMWs are known for their luxury features, style, superior fuel economy, and quality, but what they are not known for is their space, especially for luggage. It’s a good car to take to the golf course, but not if you can’t fit at least one set of golf clubs. Does the BMW 3 Series (BMW-3S) supply the room?

The BMW 3 Series’ trunk boasts 17cubic square feet of cargo space capable of holding one set of golf clubs or two sets stacked on top of each other. Without the drivers, they can lie horizontally and diagonally with the drivers. Oversized clubs will not fit in the trunk without modifications.

Keep reading the information provided below to learn more about where you can store golf clubs in a BMW-3S and whether or not the golf clubs you have will fit.

In What Ways Can Golf Clubs Fit in a BMW 3 Series?

The BMW-3S is quite generous with its interior space, supplying more legroom than an Audi A4 in the front seat, and being much wider than a Porsche so that two men can easily sit comfortably. It won’t leave you begging for more room like a Porsche often does.

Because of this, there are several suitable places to store your golf clubs when you’re on your way to the golf course on your own or with a partner.

  1. On the floor of the front passenger side, leaning against the seat
  2. In the front passenger seat with the seat leaning back
  3. Laid across the back seats
  4. Even in the trunk!

Yes, what you were hoping for has been realized. The trunk of a 2022 BMW-3S is marketed as having 17 cubic feet of cargo space in its trunk. However, an experiment conducted by James Riswick showed the extent of the useable space for golf clubs is really only about 13 cubic feet, with the remaining room belonging to some bins and pockets in the trunk.

Nevertheless, a BMW-3S has a trunk that is about 43-½” long, 36-¼” deep, and 30-½” high. The standard golf bag is about 30” long when it isn’t filled with golf clubs, about 50” when golf clubs are in it. So yours and at least one other golf bag will fit.

You may have to remove the drivers, but since they are only 1-½” longer than the length of the trunk, you should be able to lay your bags diagonally to accommodate the drivers.

What Golf Clubs Can Fit in a BMW 3 Series? 156

If standard-sized golf clubs can fit in the trunk and just about anywhere else in a BMW-3S, it follows that any golf clubs smaller than standard sizes should fit. Golf clubs that fall into that category include:

  • Women’s golf clubs
  • Junior golf clubs
  • Collapsible and telescopic golf clubs

The brand of golf clubs you own won’t matter in this instance. What matters is whether they are labeled as men’s standard, women’s, children’s, or collapsible.

Golf clubs made for women are usually about an inch shorter than those made for men. Clubs made for children will naturally be much shorter, between 34 and 42” long.

Lastly, collapsible or telescopic clubs were designed to minimize the amount of space clubs normally take so that they are much more easily transportable, especially in luxury cars. Some can be compacted from the standard sizes to as little as 17”.

What Golf Clubs Won’t Fit in a BMW 3 Series?

While those of you who are equipped with standard-sized putters, irons, and woods, or anything smaller can rest easy, the question is still unanswered for those of you who require certain custom clubs. These clubs include

  • Extra-large golf clubs
  • Oversized golf clubs

Extra-large, or extended clubs, while they can be customized to the size you require, are normally 2” longer than standard-sized clubs. These golf clubs are usually labeled by XL or XXL.

Oversized golf clubs are a little different. Instead of longer shafts, they have larger heads to assist new golfers. They allow new golfers, maybe like you, to practice swinging more consistently, reduce the wayward effects of a bad swing, and be more forgiving if you make poor contact with your golf ball.

Extra-large and oversized golf clubs generally make golfing a lot easier for many players, except when it comes to portability. Neither of these options will lie nice and flat in the trunk of a BMW-3S, but you should have plenty of room along the back seat.

Are There Any Modifications That Will Help Me Store Golf Clubs?

If you have oversized or extended golf clubs, or the time has come when you’ve been chosen to drive you and your friends to the course with all of their golf bags, you might be wondering what can be done to store your golf clubs more easily. The good is that there is one upgrade BMW sometimes offers that would help.

BMW will charge extra to install seats that fold down flat, but if you do get a BMW with such a feature, then you won’t have any problem fitting 2 or even 3 golf bags next to each other across the trunk and folded seats.

Of course, if you’re BMW doesn’t include the flat-folding feature in its back seats and you’ve been chosen to drive you and your friends to the course with all of their golf bags, there’s always the option of attaching a small trailer to your BMW’s hitch.

However, this isn’t a very popular idea amongst golfers unless they can be 100% certain the clubs will be secure. So you and your friends may have to drive separately or opt for a larger vehicle.


No one should have to settle for an oversized car because their golf clubs won’t fit in the trunk. For a luxury car company, BMW did a good job understanding that we can’t compromise on the minimum space needs we require. As far as luxury cars go, the BMW 3 Series is an excellent choice when you need room and a better fuel economy.

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