How To Fit A Golf Cart In Your F150

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Moving a golf cart without a trailer is a challenge. Moving a golf cart in the back of a pickup, that’s another challenge altogether. Knowing if and how to fit a golf cart in your F150 is a must before you attempt the transport.

To fit a golf cart in your F150 is quite challenging and complex, especially in terms of safety measures. The easiest and safest way to load the cart onto the truck’s bed is by using proper ramps.  

A golf cart with standard dimensions would not fit precisely in a 6 foot F150 trunk, for example. In this case, you should leave the tailgate open and let the front wheels (this is the recommended position) rest on it. Ensure your tailgate and consider the balance in the front and rear end of the truck when loading the cart. It would help if you fastened the golf cart around the middle of the tires, across the back, onto the rack’s hooks. If your golf cart is lifted, you should consider its extra height while transporting it with your F150 and look out for branches of other low obstacles.

People who have experience in transporting golf carts or have another type of truck often recommend using a trailer or bigger truck. However, with a bit more planning and precision, fitting and transporting your cart in F150 is possible. After completing such an operation, you will be satisfied with the excellent job you have done.

Loading Considerations

The statement that loading and fitting a golf cart in an F150 is a challenging and complex operation must consider the requirements of both the vehicles’ dimensions and the safety of the loading and transport. These requirements are valid for other trucks or trailers, too, but the carts just may fit better in them. There are three primary considerations you need to take into account to fit your golf cart in your F150.

First of all, you need to take measurements of both vehicles to ensure that the caddie cart fits into the pickup bed. Second, you need to know the cart’s weight and F150’s payload capacity. Lastly, you should close the tailgate after uploading the cart, but if you cannot, make sure to strap it safely.

Vehicles General Overview

Nowadays, most people have an idea of a pickup truck; moreover, F150 is quite popular in North America.  However, even golfers are not so familiar with their caddy carts. Generally, carts are wheeled apparatuses designed to carry goods or other materials.  

Golf Carts

According to the guide of North American Manufacturers, golf carts are “recreational vehicles used to transport golfers and golf clubs around courses.” (1)

Golf carts are propelled by gas or electric engines and usually have 2 to 4 passengers’ capacity. Some people utilize them out of the golf course, in private communities, refineries, etc.

Golf carts are short-distance vehicles with about 15 mph (24 km/h). Classical models have main dimensions of 4 feet (1, 2 m) width, 8 feet (2, 4 m) length, 6 feet (1, 8 m) height, and 900 pounds (410 kg) of weight.  (2) These dimensions are mandatory for consideration when trying to fit your golf cart in an F150.  

Ford F150

There are quite a lot of models and types of F150 produced during the years. It would be difficult to pay attention to the technical specifics and dimensions of all of them. That is why you need to check in the manufactures manual the exact dimensions of your model F150.

We need to know the most important technical specifications to fit a golf cart in F150 are the cargo capacity and the maximum payload. This information will answer the two critical questions for this operation – will the cart fit in the truck, and can the truck carry it. Below we provide as an example the cargo capacity of Ford F150 6.5-ft. Styleside. (3)

  • Inside Length (at the floor) – 78,9″
  • Width between wheelhouses – 50,6″
  • Inside Height – 21,4″
  • Cargo Box Volume – 62.3 cu. ft.

Knowing the maximum payload of our truck will prevent us from overloading it. The table below compares the maximum payload of several different engines of F150. (3)

REGULAR CABGVWR (lbs.)122.8″ WB 4×2122.8″ WB 4×4141.5″ WB 4×2141.5″ WB 4×4
3.3L TI-VCT V66,000



2.7L EcoBoost V66,050




5.0L V86,200




3.5L EcoBoost V67050



Proper Ramp

Selecting a proper ramp is essential for successfully uploading the golf cart into the pickup bed. Most of the ramps function on the principle of dual-axles with equal distribution of loads. Therefore, you need to revise the axle weights of the ramp.

Providing that golf carts usually have mis-balanced weight, knowing only the cart’s heaviness may not help you choose a proper ramp. You will need to consider both carts and driver’s weight.

Some golf carts have compensatory wheels. If your cart is one of them, you should also consider the width of the ramp to make sure that the offset wheels will not stay out of the ramp when you start loading it.

Specialists recommend using an arched ramp, if available, rather thаn a straight one. Golf carts have a low ground clearance, so the arch would prevent the cart bottom from hitting the ground.

Loading The Golf Cart

The first you need to do is park your F150 on a flat surface and set the parking brake. Mount the ramps to the edge of the tailgate.

You should use two 1×6 ramps for your F150, fitting them from the tailgate end to the cab.  Secure the ramps to your pickup truck by down-straps. For more safety, strap the tailgate longways from below.

Load the golf cart and make sure that front wheels lay on the open tailgate.  Fix firmly and strap the cart for secure transportation.

The Top-Rated Golf Cart And Truck FAQ

How Long Is A Golf Cart With Back Seat?

The length between the front wheel and the rear wheel of a two-seat standard golf cart is around 65.5 inches. A back seat should add at least 25-30 more inches, so the average length of a golf cart with a back seat is around 92.5 inches.

Will A Golf Cart Fit In A Short Bed Truck?

Typically, a standard two-seat golf cart should fit in a short-bed truck. However, depending on the model, you may not be able to close the tailgate. With proper fixing and securing the tailgate, you should not have a problem transporting the cart.

What Is The Best Way To Transport A Golf Cart?

It depends on the distance you want to transport your golf cart. For short distances, you can use your truck and save money. For longer distances, shipping by trailer is more recommendable. Easy Car Shipping, for example, provides excellent services at reasonable prices.  


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