9 Best Golf Balls For A Twenty Handicap

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Generally, the highest allowed golf handicap by the United States Golf Association for women is 40 and for men is 36; however, any golfer whose handicap is above 20 is considered a high handicapped golfer. (1)

It’s a common assumption that high handicappers rarely hit the ball as far or swing as fast as low handicappers, which is valid to some extent; therefore, picking the best balls for them can be pretty challenging. So to help narrow your search for the best balls, we decided to review the nine best golf balls for a twenty handicap golfer.

According to the Golf rules, a golf ball has a diameter of about 1.68 inches and a mass of approximately 1.62 oz. (2) These balls can perform within certain symmetry limits, distance, and velocity while conforming to the regulations set by the USGA. The right ball for a twenty handicapper should be able to increase the distance at low swings.   

Perfectly designed golf balls are supposed to cover straight long distances before landing smoothly and rolling on the green. Unfortunately, golfers with different golfing levels hit the balls differently, so we’ll show you the best balls for golfers with a high handicap in this article.

The Best Golf Balls for a Twenty Handicap Are…

A golfer with a handicap rating of 20 is expected to shoot 92 in the course of 18 holes. And as much as choosing the right clubs is ideal for high handicappers, selecting suitable balls is also essential. Other than your talent and playing often, all golfers agree that everyone should have the right gear that advances their skills making them better golfers.

And as a high handicapper, make sure you have the right equipment that will ease your path to becoming an excellent golfer. Unfortunately, creating a list of the best golf balls for a twenty handicapper can be pretty challenging. And that is because the list cannot only include balls meant to go further.

But, this is an issue for a considerable percentage of the twenty handicappers; therefore, they need balls with excellent playability near the green and distance. There are balls in the market that can also help neutralize side spinning to a certain extent by spinning less. The slice is a crucial high-handicapper issue, so any feature that can prevent the ball from traveling further is vital.

Another hallmark of high handicappers is inconsistency in their games, so they tend to lose many balls, especially when using the wrong golf balls. So here are a few best golf balls for a twenty handicap:

1) Bridgestone E6 Golf Balls

The terms “distance and soft” rarely come together in the golfing world, but the Bridgestone E6 is the exception. This ball is designed for individuals with moderate swinging speed looking for maximum distance on every shot. The E6 is an excellent option for golfers looking for some advantage in their next game by improving their accuracy and distance.

For faster compression and longer distance, the E6 balls come with a larger and softer core. Plus, the reformulated Suryln cover on the 2021 E6 model is way softer than its predecessors. Its unique dimple geometry guarantees you a straighter flight each time you hit the ball.

For a better feel and spin, this ball comes with a soft, seamless cover. And the fact that Bridgestone golf balls are used by professional golfers like Matt Kuchar and Tiger Woods says a lot about their qualities. (3)

Very few distance golf balls come with three pieces, but the E6’s anti-spin, firm outer core produces less sidespin and increased rebound. Unfortunately, this is not the best option for golfers who need more spin.


  • Brand: Bridgestone Golf
  • Sport type: golf
  • Weight: 1.4 pounds
  • Material: plastic
  • Color: white


  • One of the softest distance balls available
  • The surlyn plastic cover is highly durable
  • Its unique mantle layer helps reduce side-spinning when hit
  • Its unique geometry produces straighter flights
  • It’s a long-distance golf ball
  • Affordable
  • Low compression


  • Some golfers have complained that it’s not an ideal medicine for slicing
  • It loses momentum when it lands

Verdict: the E6 ball has a delta-dimple design that may not get you a hole in one, but it allows for smoother air resistance around the ball. Therefore, it can improve your game by allowing you to hit straight and further without the need for faster swings.

Overall rating: 4.7 out of 5

2) Srixon Q-Star Tour-2 Balls

The Q-star tour-2 is another excellent option for high handicapped golfers designed for moderate swing speed. The Q-Star Tour 2 was designed for moderate swinging speed and high tour performance. This product has three golf balls featuring low compressions and a responsive core that provides tour-level greenside control at high distances.

This ball is also designed to go further and straight even with a moderate swing. Plus, its unique tour-urethane cover has over 338 aerodynamic dimple patterns that provide flight while reducing drag in any weather condition, ensuring that it covers a high distance. In order to offer you more control on the course, this ball provides low spins on all the shots.

Its energetic-gradient-growth-core-advanced construction guarantees seamless energy transfer for maximum distance with each shot. Unfortunately, it’s not available in vivid colors that can help you track it as it swings in the air. (4)


  • Brand: Srixon
  • Material: plastic
  • Color: white
  • Diameter: 0.65 inches


  • Low compression
  • Affordable
  • Ideal for high handicappers
  • Guarantees moderate swing speeds
  • It provides a straight and long moderate swing


  • Only available in one color

Verdict: It is designed with 100% tour technologies; this ball will go straighter and longer even with a moderate swing.

Overall rating: 4.7 out of 5

3) Callaway Golf Supersoft Balls

It is a long-distance, straight golf ball with a very soft feel that can improve the game of a 20 handicapper. This ball features a low compression core that increases its speed, making it faster than usual with less spinning. Some of the unique technologies in this golf ball enhance lift, which means that they improve the distance and flight of the ball as much as possible with every shot.

The Callaway supersoft ball is aimed at average golfers and beginners looking for excellent softballs to use. It’s not ideal for scratch golfers who need a softball with tons of spin. The spin on this product is nowhere near the spinning rate of a considerable percentage of the premium balls in the market.

It isn’t a bad thing since too much spinning can harm the game of a 20 handicapper. And if you have a slice, a ball with a high spin can damage their game. The low-drag HEX aerodynamics used in this ball enhances lift and reduces drag for longer distances and carry.

It also features a new soft trigonometry cover with low compressions for increased greenside control and enhanced feel. Unfortunately, some avid golfers have complained that it lacks spin near the green for additional backspin. (5)


  • Brand: Callaway
  • Color: white, matte, yellow, and pink
  • Material: ionomer


  • Available in a wide range of colors
  • Compared to the premium softballs, it is affordable
  • Low compressions
  • Long-distance
  • Supersoft feel


  • Some golfers have complained that it’s too soft for their liking

Verdict: Callaway supersoft ball has all the features that can increase the distance and flight of the ball. It is soft, spins less, and features numerous unique Callaway technologies that reduce drag for a longer distance.  

Overall rating: 4.8 out of 5

4) Bridgestone E12 Contact Golf Ball

The E12 contact, which replaces E12 speed and prior-gen E12 soft, is recognized by its contact-force dimples pattern that adds 38% more surface area on its contact with the clubface. The contact-force dimple pattern creates more spin near the green, straighter flight, and better energy transfer. The E12 comes with the Active Accelerations mantle featuring a high-performing material with an extra surfactant which creates high initial velocity at impact and increases thrust.

It has a 3-piece ionomer cover with about 326 dimples. And thanks to its low compression, you can expect low spins and high launch on a full shot. This ball can guarantee you straighter and longer flights with all the clubs in your bag.

The E12 also reduces slice and hook spin on full shot thanks to the combination of the sidespin lowering core and mantle and the contact force dimple’s aerodynamics. It is an excellent option for higher handicappers since it offers a smooth straight flight. The E12 contact offers an improved ball accuracy, distance, and speed with all clubs; plus, a little spin and more grip around the greens thanks to the high contact levels. (6)


  • Brand: Bridgestone Golf
  • Material: plastic
  • Color: white
  • Weight: 454 grams


  • Slow spins
  • Available in a wide range of colors
  • Low compression
  • Reduce drag
  • Feels soft


  • Some golfers have complained that it’s a tad tricky to work the shots with this golf ball.

Verdict: despite being classified in the middle price tier, the E12 features some unique features that can improve many golfers’ long and short games.

Overall rating: 4.7 out of 5

5) Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Balls

The most crucial thing we all need when golfing is distance, right? If that’s the case, you can never go wrong with the Nitro Ultimate distance balls, which are pretty popular among pro golfers. And one key factor that gives it its distance is its super reactive 2-piece titanium core design.

The titanium core construction helps maximize energy transfer to the ball, giving it explosive distance, fewer spins, and wind-cheating flight stability. Its symmetrical and aerodynamic dimples design allows longer shots by reducing drag and increasing lift. This unique golf ball has enhanced the feel around and on the greens.

Its virtually indestructible cover is made from the durable Dupont lithium Surlyn. Therefore, these balls are resistant to abrasions and cuts. It is developed for all players, these golf balls are USGA approved, plus it’s available in numerous colors, including orange, pink, white, and green.

This 2-piece ball is composed of two layers (the core and the outer cover); therefore, it can offer great distance. It’s a known fact that the more layers a ball has, the softer it will be, and this can play a crucial role in their distance. However, the 3-piece balls are not as good as the 2-piece when it comes to distance. (7)


  • Brand: Nitro
  • Diameter: 5 millimeters
  • Material: surlyn outer cover and titanium core
  • Construction: 2-piece composition


  • The 2-piece composition guarantees greater distance.
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Available in a wide range of colors
  • The titanium core maximizes the transfer of energy from the clubhead to the ball while stabilizing the flight.


  • With low swinging speed, it’s hard for this ball to cover long distances

Verdict: thanks to its 2-piece construction, this USGA-approved ball can cover long distances than most products in the market.

Overall rating: 4.6 out of 5

6) TaylorMade Noodle Soft and Long Balls

Another excellent ball designed for high handicappers is the Noodle long and soft balls from TaylorMade. And as its name suggests, this ball can cover both long and short distances at a very soft touch. TaylorMade’s patented dimples design makes it possible for this golf ball to make longer flights easily.

The 342 aerodynamic dimples design makes it possible for the ball to glide against the wind easily. This ball also features a soft 34 compressions core that ensures that you enjoy its unmatched feel and distance when necessary.

If you’re the type of golfer who loses more than three balls per round, you will appreciate these affordable balls, which cost about $1 per ball. After all, these balls do go into the water or weeds, just like the premium options. And this may be one of the key reasons why this product is quite popular among golfers.

Despite being affordable, these reliable golf balls will offer the needed ride and increased distance. And because they come with a low compression core, these balls are ideal for low swingers. Plus, they are very forgiving and quite responsive. (8)


  • Brand: TaylorMade
  • Color: white
  • Weight: 2.5 pounds
  • Cover material: surlyn cover


  • affordable
  • easy to use
  • Offer a long distance
  • Newbie friendly


  • Only available in one color

Verdict: Despite being very affordable, this ball can still guarantee you long straight flights. It feels great and increases your spins around the green.

Overall rating: 4.7 out of 5

7) Callaway Warbird Golf Balls

The name “Warbird” has become synonymous with speed and distance in Callaway’s ball range, which is still the case with this golf ball. Thanks to its 2-piece construction, high-energy and extra-large core, this ball can offer a high launch with a wide range of swinging speeds. And with the driver, it’s very reliable and can deliver strong flights every time.

Even though it’s not grippy, the ionomer cover adds control and feel, especially around the green. Their popular HEX aerodynamics promote high launch while lowering drag for increased distance, hang-time, and speeds. The highly compressible large core helps unlock new potential distances with each swing.

And even though it’s a bit costly than most distance balls, this ball will help improve your game with every shot. Plus, its unique design ensures that nothing is sacrificed when it comes to distance despite the swing speed. (9)


  • Brand: Callaway
  • Material: ionomer
  • Color: white
  • Package Weight: 9.1 pounds


  • Medium compression
  • Impressive distance
  • Affordable
  • Medium compression


  • The manufacturer can improve the durability of this golf ball

Verdict: The Callaway Warbird is an excellent distance ball that can guarantee yardage gain. And for individuals who need every help getting the needed distance, this can be a great option.

Overall rating: 4.7 out of 5

8) Srixon AD333 Golf Ball

The Srixon AD333, which is currently in its ninth edition, has been one of the best low-to-mid priced balls for almost two decades. Launched in 2003, the Srixon AD333 is an excellent option for golfers looking for an all-rounded performing ball on the budget.

The ninth edition has a new fast layer core star TS soft in the middle that becomes firmer around its edges. And this gives high-speed golfers an incredible feel and reliable ball velocity for maximum distance. This ball’s unique skin has a serum urethane compound coating with a flexible molecular bond that digs deeply into the iron and wedge grooves for maximum spins and more controlling and stopping power.

Its 338-speed dimple pattern offers more lift and less drag, ensuring that the ball flies in a straight line to its intended destination, even in harsh windy conditions. The AD333-9 is an exceptional 2-piece ball that offers a perfect combination of greenside control, soft feel, exceptional distance, and performance.

This ball still used the same technology used in Srixon’s high-performing tour-level balls, but in a 2-piece ball that’s more affordable and durable. (10)


  • Brand: Srixon
  • Materials: Rubber and Ionomer
  • Item weight: 600 grams
  • Color: tour yellow


  • Durable
  • Great driver ball velocity
  • Offers excellent short-game control for its price range
  • Available in more than one color


  • Some golfers didn’t like its firm feel

Verdict: Srixon AD333 is a well-rounded affordable ball that’s ideally positioned to take care of a wide range of swing speeds.

Overall rating: 4.7 out of 5

9) Volvik 2020 Vivid Golf Matte Balls

Volvik vivid matte balls are a unique ball that promotes low-spin flight and high launch, which can help improve the game of any high handicapper. This ball promises more distance at mid-to-low swing speeds off the tee. Its resilient high-energy core generates a reliable high-launch and low spin combo.

Volvik claims that the glare-resistant matte-finish can help reduce distractions and improve concentration. And the fact that it’s available in a wide range of colors means that you can pick a unique color that makes it easy for you to follow the ball in the air resulting in fewer lost balls.

Volvik color balls have been used in various PGA tournaments, including the JPGA, KPGA, LPGA, and PGA. It’s also used in other competitions like the Women’s British Open, Asian Tour, and the European Tour. (11)


  • Brand: Volvik
  • Color: white
  • Material: synthetic


  • s
  • High launch and more distance thanks to its Nano Bi high-energy resilient core
  • The vivid colors improve visibility


  • Not ideal for golfers swinging below 100mph

Verdict: The fact that it is available in vivid colors means that you have a low likelihood of losing more balls in the course.

Overall rating: 4.8 out of 5

Guide to Choosing the Best Golf Balls for a Twenty Handicap

As a high handicapper with a score of over twenty, there are numerous things to consider when purchasing golf balls. After all, the success of our game will be determined by all our golfing gears, and this includes the type of balls we use. Unfortunately, choosing the right golf ball can be challenging, especially with the numerous options available.

After all, the right ball should improve your overall golfing experience and make your game simpler. It should also be easy to track as it flies in the air, reducing losses. So here are a few features to look out for when choosing a golf ball:


Golf balls are constructed as 3-piece, 2-piece, 1-piece, or more. And the main difference between these constructions will affect how the ball behaves in the air. As a high handicapper, you need to look for a 2 or 3-piece ball.

The 2-and-3-piece construction allows the balls low compression while improving its flight. The spin of the ball is also affected by layers used in the ball’s anatomy. The more layers a ball has, the low its spin will be.

Outer Cover

Other than durability, the outer cover of the ball will determine how it behaves in the course. If you need a straighter flight, then your ball must have a surlyn cover. If your game is a bit advanced and can control the spin, you should go for the urethane-covered balls.


Another crucial feature that can affect your game is the dimples on the design of balls. The dimple’s number, depth, and width can help determine the ball’s spin, drag, and reaction after being struck. If you plan on making distance shots at slow swinging speed, you should go for balls with shallow dimples.

Players with fast swings should introduce spin and drag in their game using balls with deep dimples.


Generally, the characteristics of the ball when struck depend on its construction. The deeper the dimples and more layers, the less distance is covered, and more spin is given and vice versa. High handicappers should look for balls that cover more distance and spin less.

It is highly recommended since the fast-spinning balls are used by professionals who can control fast-spinning balls.


Its characteristics will also determine the distance covered by a ball. So if you’re looking to cover long distances with slower swings, you should go for 2-and-3-piece balls. Remember, balls with fewer layers are designed to cover more distance.


Since your plan is improving your game, it’s wise to analyze your spending abilities and the number of balls you lose per course before purchasing the golf balls. Remember, if you lose more than six balls, you need to avoid the expensive options in the market.

After all, spending more cash doesn’t guarantee you better features. So make sure the amount you spend on the balls equals your current needs and skills. The best way to take care of this is to compare the different features these balls offer and their price while being aware of your needs to get the best option for a twenty handicapper.


What is Considered a High Handicap?

Handicap is an excellent method for determining your abilities using numerical calculations. The higher the handicap is, the less experienced or skilled a golfer is considered and vice versa. And a high handicapper usually has a score higher than 20.

Which Balls Are Ideal for High Handicappers?

The answer to this question is quite challenging as it depends on the player’s needs and skills. Most of the time, you will find that high handicappers have excellent control with the swing speed and ball control. Therefore, the best options are balls that feature forgiveness, cover great distances, and low spin rate.

What Compression Ball Should a Twenty Handicapper Use?

A high handicapper should look for a ball with low compression that can improve their flight. Therefore they should go for a 2-or-3-piece ball; after all, more layers mean a high spinning rate, which is not ideal for high handicappers.

Does the Spin Rate of the Golf Balls Matter?

The spin rate of the golf balls matters a lot as it can make or break your entire game. And most high handicappers prefer balls with low spin rates as a high spinning rate affects the distance covered. And to control a high spin ball, you need high skill sets.  

Final Thoughts

All golfers have their own unique set of requirements and skills; therefore, finding the right ball for a high handicapper is crucial for your game. Therefore, the most crucial things to put in mind while buying the right golf balls are your skill level and any feature that can counter your weaknesses. However, the best balls for a twenty handicap golfer should have a low spin rate and cover long distances.   


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