Everything You Need To Know About Golf Attire

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Many golf clubs require players to use specific attire, and these rules are separate for men and women. Most of them have their dress codes on their official sites; however, there are general guidelines for picking the best attire for golf players. You have come to the right place to find everything you need to know about golf attire.

Unlike local golf courses, where you can wear anything you’re comfortable in, private or semi-private golf courses have strict guidelines for golf attire, and many pro golfers also adhere to these rules. 

Some say the practices also improve their game based on the comfort and flexibility of the clothes (5).

Golf attires are gears used by golfers. The proper golf attire can either improve your game or hinder it. It includes your top, bottom, head covers, shoes, and accessories. 

Golf attire standards are very similar across golf clubs; therefore, this article will help a lot in knowing what’s proper and not proper to wear to a golf course. We’ll also help you with the best brands to go for and tell you why we think they’re the best.

Dos & Don’ts In Golf Attire Selection

Before moving further, there are a couple of dos and don’ts to adhere to when picking out golf attire. These rules are strict in some clubs and lenient in some; however, it is vital to keep them at the back of your mind and adhere to the general standard.

Always wear collared shirts made from polyester blends, cotton, or microfiber.T-shirts are not allowed, neither are sleeveless shirts or football club shirts.
Always remember to take sunglasses on sunny days.Do not show cleavage in a golf club.
Visors, caps, and straw hats are acceptable.Tank tops, tube tops, or bathing suits are not allowed on a course, nor are dresses.
Gloves are essential, and it directly affects your grip.The rules do not permit denim attire for golfers in jeans, jackets, sweatshirts, or hoodies. 
Running shoes, sneakers, and golf shoes with tough rubber bottoms are proper. Ensure to try them out and test their grip.As comfortable as they might seem, sweatpants or athletic pants are not allowed.
Socks must always be above the ankle.Booty shorts and mini skirts are also not proper in golf clubs. 
Remember to take a golf bag; it is part of your attire and helps move your irons through the course.Do not tuck out your shirts or polo from your trousers or shorts. Smartly dressed is a trademark style in golfing. 
Tailored trousers are highly acceptable and shorts on hot days.Do not tuck your trousers into your socks.
Do remember to use a belt to avoid your pants or shorts falling while taking shots.Casual footwear, sports trainers, and spiked metal footwear are not allowed, as they always tear up the golf course.  
Nature is sometimes unpredictable; therefore, bring a rain jacket with you each time.If you must wear shorts, make sure they are not beach shorts or swim shorts, and also, the rules do not permit tailored golf attire.
Depending on the weather condition, bring along warm attire like cotton or wool jackets that are light and won’t hinder your gameplay.Do not wear a sandal to any golf club or flashy colors.

Golf Attire For Women

As stated earlier, there are different guides for men and women on clothing and accessories acceptable in golf. Proper golf attire is required for golfers by many private and semi-private golf clubs (4). This article will help us know the general clothing standards for female golfers in almost all clubs. Popular women’s clothes like tee shirts, flip flops, leggings, tank tops, cropped tops, yoga pants, booty shorts, etc., are generally not allowed on any course, while some are uncomfortable even for the woman (9). 


Most golf clubs require women to wear polo shirts or tops with sleeves and collars.

  • Sleeveless blouses with collars are allowed for women.
  • Golf shirts must have collars. Always remember that the collar is significant in your tops.
  • Some golf clubs might allow mock collars, as some pro wrestlers have worn them in the past. However, you can check with the club you’re going to before buying them.
  • On calm days, sweatshirts, vests, or turtleneck tops are proper for golfing.
  • There’s nothing wrong with looking stylish with your attire, as long as they follow the above guideline.


Unlike the old days when women had to wear uncomfortable long dresses, skirts, shorts, pants, and skorts (skirts with shorts underneath) were available at their disposal to help with comfort and easy mobility (3).

  • Ankle-length pants or capris are the most favorable in the pants part of the bottom attire.
  • Knee-length or mid-length shorts are trendy among the ladies too. However, short slacks are preferred, especially on hot days or in the fall seasons, and they are also more comfortable than golf dresses.
  • Another option is skorts. They are short skirts with shorts underneath, considered to be a perfect option for golf.

Head Covers

Exposure to the sun for long hours is unavoidable in golfing. It is an outdoor sport, and golfers can play under any weather condition. Protecting your skin and scalp during these harsh conditions is essential.

  • Use visors to protect the eyes and face from the sun.
  • Baseball caps protect your scalp and also keep your face shaded from the hot sun.
  • Golf caps, straw hats, and branded caps are also available options.
  • Cowboy hats will block your view, and beanies can cause too much heat.


Good shoes are essential in playing golf; they affect or improve your balance and agility on the course. 

  • Golf shoes with metal spikes are not allowed in courses because they spoil the turf and leave scratch marks.
  • Tennis shoes, sneakers, or standard running shoes are perfect for playing the game, for comfort, and for reliability.
  • Ankle-length socks or higher are also needed to go with your shoes.
  • As a player, if you’re going for long pants, your socks must match the pants in color.


A few accessories are accepted in courses and are also needed in playing golf. However, long jewelry like bracelets, chains, ankle chains, etc., might be uncomfortable for a player or unacceptable by the golf club.

  • Sunglasses are essential on hot days to improve vision.
  • Belts that match with your top and bottom attire are optional but allowed.
  • Long earrings, necklaces usually get tangled and can cost you a good shot or high score.
  • To avoid blisters, they advise golfers to use gloves. Golf gloves also improve your grip.
  • Waterproof and sweat proof watches are necessary if you must wear one.

Golf Dresses

Although this is an old golf attire for women, they have recently started making new waves. They are not regular gowns or dinner dresses. Instead, they use comfortable fabrics and provide pockets for golf balls and tees. In addition, many of them come with shorts underneath them to improve comfort and eliminate insecurity, especially during fall.

Weather Sensitive Attire for Women

As we all know, golf is an outdoor sport. Under the rain, under the sun, golf is played. Dressing appropriately during these different weather variations improves your game, and wearing the wrong combinations on the bad days can make your game difficult.

  1. Heat – During hot weather, light golf attire with soft colors and breathability are the best.
  2. Rainy or Windy – Some wind shirts block wind during games, waterproof rain suits/jackets, and they must be light. Heavy clothing makes it hard to swing irons.
  3. Winter – Warm clothes are the way to go here. Dress codes are lenient here since thick clothes heavily cover your golf attire. Ensure that your toes, head, and fingers are warm.
  4. Cool Weather – Sweats-suitable-vests or lightweight jackets are suitable during fall and also spring. Layers are good for when the day gets warmer, so you can quickly lighten them by taking them off.

Golf Attire for Men

The most crucial point to consider when picking out your golf attire is to ask yourself if you look smart and presentable. The game of golf is known for smart-dressing players, with well tucked-in polos, hats, and neat shoes. Some standards for every player guide these combinations; even the pros like Tiger Woods follow these guidelines (7). 


The traditional attire for men in golf is collared shirts made from cotton, polyester, or microfibre. Modern-style golf shirts and turtleneck shirts are allowed in some golf clubs. 

  • Golf dress codes do not permit sports jerseys, tracksuits, denim tops, or shirts with boldly written texts or adverts in golf.
  • Tucking in your tops is proper golf etiquette.
  • Long-sleeved shirts made from cotton are also essential on cold days, but they must also have collars.
  • On hot days, there are light long and short-sleeved shirts to help deal with heat.
  • Windbreakers are a must-have on cool or windy days to avoid getting chilly while playing.
  • Irrespective of the weather condition or style you’re going for, ensure that whatever top you wear is light, free at the armpits, and won’t limit your swings.
  • In addition, pullovers are suitable for cold days, and they also don’t limit swings.


While some golf clubs permit denim jeans on their courses, it is generally regarded as uncomfortable by players and can affect mobility. However, long pants are a requirement in golf, and shorts are allowed on hot days. Brands make both from polyester or cotton. For players that want to try jeans, make sure to carry spare shorts or pants that are permissible and not controversial just in case the jeans are rejected (8). 

  • Like tops, there are also formal wind-resistant trousers available for golfers.
  • You can look stylish, but remember to dress for comfort and weather conditions too.
  • Avoid tracksuits, sweatpants, shorts too long or three-quarter, beach shorts, soccer shorts, gym shorts and spandex, cargo shorts, and drawstrings. Shorts should be just above your knees.
  • Belts are not a standard. However, if your pants or shorts are loose, you should consider wearing one.


Aside from looking smart and presentable, the right shoes can enhance your speed and game performance. In addition, using the right shoes is needed to provide stability and prevent slipping on a course while making a swing.

  • Shoes with metal spikes are no longer allowed in golf because they ruin the turf and leave scratches.
  • Wearing the right golf shoes improves your swing, traction while walking and, most importantly, provides comfort. 
  • It can take several hours to go through a golf course, so getting comfortable shoes with soft soles is essential.
  • Sandals, boots, and trainers are not allowed. They’re also not proper or comfortable for players.
  • If you like spiked shoes, get the ones with rubber or plastic spikes to avoid damaging a course.
  • Although they are comfortable, all clubs’ sneakers and running shoes are not allowed, so make sure to check on their sites or ask their managers before booking a spot.


The primary socks rule is wearing one that goes above your uncles and not below or no-show socks. Socks are an essential part of golf attire because they keep your feet warm and dry.

  • Your socks must be visible above your shoes and not hidden.
  • Some players like to match their socks with their outfits, and there are no special rules against that.
  • Some golf clubs require players to wear knee-length socks with shorts, but they’re pretty rare.

Head Wear

Sombreros, large hats are not suitable for golf because they limit your vision and affect your swing. 

  • Baseball hats and visors are the most popular and comfortable headwear in golf. They do not hinder your vision, and they protect the head and face during harsh weather conditions.
  • Straw hats are also allowed.
  • Beanie caps, cowboy hats, gag hats, and fedora hats are not suitable for a golf course.
  • Ensure that your headwear does not have any harmful or offensive prints or texts on it.


A few accessories are needed while playing golf that is stylish and very important to the game and the player. These accessories are as follows:

  1. Sunglasses – It is essential to have on hot days when playing golf to save your eyes from glare and improve vision. Polarized sunglasses have been popularly discredited by many players, concluding that it affects the perception of depth.
  2. Golf Gloves – Good gloves help with the grip and feel of your iron. It prevents your iron from slipping from your hands and keeps your hands dry on hot days. However, gloves are not helpful during rainy conditions because they get wet and slippery and affect the grip and swing. An alternative to this is to get some rain gloves; they function during hot and rainy days.
  3. Watches – watches are helpful with keeping track of the heart rate, counting steps, weather conditions, score counts, and distance information. Always make sure they are visible when you use gloves.

Best Golf Attire Brands

The game of golf is a highly competitive sport loved by many across the world. Getting high scores is essential in increasing your ranks and gaining recognition, but looking good while doing it is also necessary. Fashion is a part of golf now, and players are conscious of what they wear to golf courses because aside from improving performance to impress other players and fans, they also impress with their styles (10). 

Several popular brands use cutting-edge fabrics and materials to assist golfers in adapting to different playing conditions. Some of these brands are;

  1. Lululemon – This is Canada-based activewear professional. Their gear is made for motion and flexibility, using fabrics to adapt to the player’s every move. Their pants will keep you dry from the sweatproof feature and comfortable polo shirts that are flexible.
  2. Fairway & Greene – Founded in 1995, this brand gives pro golfers and beginners a durable collection of stylish golf apparel. It features polos made from moisture-proof fabrics and warm layers for windy days. They also make golf shorts that are stretchy, comfortable while swinging, and the brand is budget-friendly.
  3. Cole Haan – is popularly known for footwear and golf shoes; however, they are also hot in golf. They produce entire golf accessories sets, from sunglasses, socks, hats, belts, and hoodies. Their jackets and hoodies are created with cotton to keep players warm on cold days and absorb moisture to keep them dry.
  4. Calvin Klein Golf – The famous underwear brand loved by many has now entered the golf scene. If you are looking for comfort and flexibility, then Calvin Klein is a go-to brand.
  5. Peter Millar – This US-based clothing brand was founded in 2001 by Peter Millar and produces golf clothing for men, women, and youths. The golf attires’ design helps players reach their full potentials and are flexible too. In addition, they are moisture-wicking, innovative, and durable.
  6. Stitch Golf – Stitch is a US-based golf apparel brand created in 2012. Stitch Golf produced its apparel with the proper few accessories. Understand that players need to look good and feel comfortable in their gear. They have a wide range of polo shirts, vests, jackets, and golf pants made from the best materials. Their packs are light, infused with ultraviolet ray blocking and under-buttons to keep your collars in place.
  7. Radda Golf – Radda brand infuses streetwear fashion and designer clothing into golf apparel. They have a wide range of plain and printed polo shirts made from moisture-wicking dry-fit polyester fabrics. Their pants are flexible and have a spandex stretch hint to help with swinging rotations.
  8. Lacoste – Professional tennis legend René Lacoste created this brand. The brand has a wide variety of golf clothing and accessories, made from the best and delicate fabrics to help improve comfort, your game and help you look smart and presentable.
  9. Nike – Sporting brand giant and a famous name in fashion offer durable golf gear ranging from shoes to caps, pants, polo shirts, vests, jackets, and more. They are long-standing sponsors of Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods, and if you know golf, you know these are two of the best golfers on earth. Their accessories and apparels enhance game improvement, provide comfort and make you look good.
  10. Adidas – This is another sporting gear giant, producing gear that improves player’s games and performance since 1997. They are very stretchy and move in rhythm with body motions. They make a wide range of equipment, from headwear, polo shirts, vests, jackets, pullovers, and more. Their shoes are perfectly arched to provide traction and support and let’s not forget how stylish the gears make you look.
  11. Puma – Puma started its golf brand in 2004 and has delivered the best gear since then. If you seek agility, performance, style, and comfortability in kits, then Puma is the one for you. The German-based label uses the best materials to produce their gear for all player groups. They all work in harmony to improve your gameplay and present you as intelligent and stylish.

Clothing Etiquette for Tournaments

Together with the game rules, the clothing part of golf also has regulations and guides for both men and women to follow. Always look at the general rules guiding both genders at once and get a further understanding if you ever decide to go pro.

There are many unspoken or unwritten rules in clothing etiquette for this game, but the rules are stringent and a must-follow in tournaments.

PGA Tour Dress Code – The handbook for The PGA Tour clearly states that players must present a clean appearance in both clothing and personal hygiene. Only strictly acceptable fashion standards are allowed during the tour, and the tournament director usually interprets these guidelines. The usual long pants made from wool, knee-length shorts, collared shirts with sleeves for men or sleeveless for women, rubber spiked shoes or no spikes, and the other basic rules or new ones formed by the directors.

PGA Junior Series – The rules for this tournament are more strict than the previous one. Denim shorts, gym shorts, jeans, short Cuts, and cut-off shorts are not allowed in this tournament. Visors are permitted to be worn backward only and removed once you’re in the clubhouse. Only collared shirts are permitted and must be properly tucked in (2).

Local PGA – The local tournament regulators often create their own rules, while most follow the PGA Tour’s guidelines (6). For example, the regulator of a tournament might decide to enforce the PGA Tour and still prohibit some of the dress codes allowed in PGA. Michigan 2012’s tournament rules prohibited men playing PGA-sponsored matches from wearing tank tops, jeans, shorts, and cut-offs, and they are permitted in PGA Tournaments. The authorities ban professionals from playing some games in shorts too.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can Golf Shirts Be Form-Fitted?

Golf shirts should be a bit loose, not necessarily baggy or form-fitted. Wearing loose clothes is not only regarding golf club rules but also for the benefit of players, as tight-fitted shirts or baggy shirts might affect your swing and game performance.

Do Socks Matter?

Socks are essential in the dress code for golf players, and you must wear a pair to play. They also keep your feet from being sweaty and uncomfortable.

Can Jeans be Worn to a PGA Tournament?

The rules might tolerate them, but nobody will wear jeans to a PGA tournament on an expected standard. Some regulators might allow it, and most will find it inappropriate.

Are Sandals Appropriate for Golf?

Sandals are not appropriate for golf. As stated earlier, no golf club allows sandals on the course, and neither are they allowed in tournaments for both men and women. Instead, consider comfortable and light-fitted golf shoes that help with traction and mobility.

Are the Dress Codes Important?

Gold Dress codes are very important. Golf dress codes deny players access to a golf course or tournament for failing to comply with the club’s dress codes. The dress codes are vital and require strict adherence.

The Final Hole

Golf might appear to have many rules; however, it’s wise to obey them until you get used to them, and then you find out that they’re really for your benefit. Always follow the dress codes, check the official sites of new golf clubs to see their own rules, or contact the managers for more information. I hope you found this article helpful, and remember that we are always available to take questions and help in whatever way we can. 


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