Best Driver for Older Golfers

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You hit your driver less than eighteen times during a round of golf, but it is still an important club since how well or poorly you hit with it can make or break each hole. Choosing a driver for older golfers can be difficult, but there are many great options. 

The best driver for older golfers is the Cobra Golf Men’s Speedzone Extreme Driver. It is lightweight, and its weight is strategically placed so you can swing fast while still making accurate contact with the ball. And it has a large clubface, helping each shot stay straight. 

However, if you are looking for a driver that better fits your specific situation or game style, you should consider something other than the Cobra Golf Men’s Speedzone Extreme Driver,  such as one of the following (all are available on 

This article explains how to choose a driver for older golfers. Then, we look at why the Cobra Golf Men’s Speedzone Extreme Driver is the best driver for older golfers. Finally, we have seven alternative drivers you can buy if you have a specific feature or price you are looking for in a driver.

How To Choose a Driver for Older Golfers

Before we look at the best drivers for older golfers, we need to look at how to choose a driver. First, we will look at the most important factors for everyone to consider when choosing a driver, then we will look at some things seniors need to consider. 

Choosing a Driver

No matter your age and skill level, there are a few things everyone, including older golfers, needs to consider when choosing a driver. 

Here are the most important factors to consider when choosing a driver:

  • Weight: The heavier the club, the more power you will need when you swing to make the ball go far. 
  • Length: Shorter people will want shorter clubs than taller people. The shorter the shaft of the club, the more control you have over your swing. 
  • Shaft flex: The slower your swing is, the more flex you will want in a shaft to keep you from losing ball speed and distance. Ladies and senior clubs are the most flexible, but they also make stiffer shafts for the fastest swingers. 
  • Club face: Some club faces are angled or have more loft than others which can help correct slices and hooks and help ensure you make accurate contact with the ball to make it go far and straight with minimal spin. 

This YouTube video from Golfbidder details everything you need to know when choosing a driver and how to choose the right one based on your swing type. 

Specific Driver Features for Older Golfers

Next, we can look at some factors older golfers will want to have in the driver. The most important factors include a lightweight club, a large clubface, and a shaft with a lot of flex. 

The most important thing for older golfers to have is a lightweight driver. As you get older, your swing speed decreases, but having a lighter driver can help offset this. The lighter your driver, the faster you can swing it, meaning more power off the tee.

Older golfers will also want a large clubface since they tend to be less accurate when it comes to making contact with the ball on the tee. The larger the clubface, the higher chance you have to make good contact with the ball and make it go far and straight. If you miss the ball because you have a small clubface or a bad swing, the ball will not go straight, or you will get very little distance, which sets you up for a high score on the hole. 

Finally, older golfers want a shaft with a lot of flex, usually called a senior shaft. Having more flexibility in your shaft is important for golfers with a slower swing speed because it helps prevent you from losing ball speed off the tee, which can happen if you swing slow and have a stiff shaft. 

Best Overall: Cobra Golf Men’s Speedzone Extreme Driver

The best overall driver for older golfers is the Cobra Golf Men’s Speedzone Extreme Driver (available on The driver has a flex made specifically for seniors, so the ball flies far and straight even when there is not too much power or speed behind the swing. This driver comes in a right-handed and a left-handed version, so any older golfer can use it.

The driver is lightweight, but there is still some mass in it, which is positioned so that all the power behind your swing gets transferred to the ball. And thanks to the driver being lightweight older drivers will be able to swing it harder and faster than other drivers. 

Another benefit of this driver is that it has a large clubface which is designed to help the accuracy of each shot. Even if it is not in the center of the clubface, which is common with many older golfers, the shot will have a better chance of going straight, and we’ll end up on the fairway.

The clubface is also weighted in the back in addition to the bottom, which helps your swing feel more natural and helps more to get the ball to go straight. Finally, the inside of the driver’s head is designed to last a long time, even after many high-speed shots. 

If you want to see the driver in action, you should check out this YouTube video from Michael Newton Golf, where he tests out the drivers and explains the highlights of it:

Best Budget Friendly: Intech Golf Extra Long Distance Driver

Another great driver for older golfers, especially those on a budget, is the Intech Golf Extra Long Distance Driver (available on The driver is significantly cheaper than the other drivers in this article, but it still works well. Even though the driver is priced low, it still comes with a headcover which will help keep your driver protected. 

The clubhead is quite large, but this is a good thing since the bigger the size, the more accurate your shots will be. Even if you cannot hit the center of the clubface, there is more space, so you can still get an accurate shot. Just know that the size is illegal for the U.S. Golf Association tournaments. But, when you are playing for fun, you can use this driver to improve your game. 

This club is great for older golfers because it is lightweight and easy to hold. Lightweight clubs are best for older golfers who do not have the strength they used to but still want a high swing speed. And the grip is easy to hold, even for golfers who do not have good hand strength or are new to the sport and are not used to the golf grip yet. 

Best Luxury Driver: TaylorMade SiM 2 Max Driver

If you are an older golfer who wants a great club and is willing to spend quite a bit of money for high quality and great results, the TaylorMade SiM 2 Max Driver (available on is your best option. The club is made to be lightweight while still being made from strong aluminum, which gives you a high head speed at impact for maximum distance. 

The club also has a Thru-Slot Speed Pocket, which is designed to maximize the speed of your ball, even when you do not make a solid impact with the ball.

Another way this club makes the ball go far is the weight distribution within the club. The weight of the clubhead is positioned such that the ball gets a low spin, which keeps the ball flying at high speed and, in turn, gives it more distance. 

Many older golfers struggle to hit the ball straight, but this club fixes that issue since the club head is angled so that all hits are corrected to go straight, even if they are not straight on impact. The face is milled back so that your ball is reaching higher speeds without making the ball go in different directions. 

Golfers on professional tours use this club, which speaks to how great of a club it is and why it may be worth spending some extra money to get this high-quality club that produces good results. 

The club comes in both a left and right-handed version, and there is also a ladies’ version which might be more suitable for older female golfers. 

If you want to learn more about this driver, check out the review and demonstration in this YouTube video from TGW – The Golf Warehouse:

Best for Left-Handers: Cobra Golf 2021 Men’s Radspeed XB

Some of the clubs on this list come in a right-handed and a left-handed version, but if you are an older left-handed golfer, the Cobra Golf 2021 Men’s Radspeed XB (available on is the best club for you.

The club also has a lighter outer material, which makes it more lightweight. The club has many great features similar to the others on this list combined into one great left-handed club. 

The senior flex version of the club is lightweight and is made to keep the ball flying far, even with slower swing speeds common in older golfers. Most of the club’s weight is distributed in the clubhead to make the ball speed higher without allowing it to deviate from the fairway. The weighted club head also decreases the ball spin, which is a common factor in preventing the ball from going straight. 

The clubface has the same goal. It is large, and its angle makes sure your shot goes straight and far, no matter how accurately your club impacts the ball or how fast your swing speed is. Compared to the average driver, the Radspeed XB has 95% more area where you can make an impact with the ball and still have a good, straight ball flight. 

In this YouTube video from Rick Shiels Golf, you can see him test out the Cobra Radspeed driver and find out why he calls this the best driver of the year:

Best for Slice Prevention: Orlimar Men’s Slice Killer Driver

A common issue that older golfers face, especially with their drivers, is hitting a slice. While you can fix a slice with some professional training and work fixing the issues with your swing, it is often such a small issue that you can fix it with a driver made for fixing slices. The best option to fix your slice for older golfers is the Orlimar Men’s Slice Killer Driver (available on 

With this club, you do not have to make any adjustments to your swing. Just grab the driver, swing like you would with any other driver, and you will see the amount of slice that your ball has decreased.

The driver is designed to make sure your clubface is straight at impact, which helps the ball go straighter. But, you are also getting longer shots since you are not wasting any distance slicing the ball away from the fairway. 

The club works to prevent slices because of its closed clubface, which closes at a seven-degree angle. The club corrects the open swing you have with the closed clubface, which is causing your slice. 

Many younger golfers may want to seek out professional training or spend time at the range fixing their open swing to correct their slice naturally. But, many older golfers do not see this as a good use of time, so getting a club like the Orlimar Men’s Slice Killer Driver to fix their slice is a great alternative.

The club also comes with a headcover to protect the club. And it has a sleek look with a finish designed to reduce the glare so you can see the ball better. 

Best for Older Women: Senior Women’s Majek K Series

So far, all the drivers have been made for older male golfers, but what if you are an older female golfer who needs a driver? The best option for you is the Senior Women’s Majek K Series (available on 

The club works best for women since it is even more lightweight than the clubs made for older men. The club’s weight is mostly in the bottom of the clubhead, so your swing speed is not as important since all the power comes upon impact, and the clubhead will help you get the high power impact you need. 

But, similar to the other drivers for older golfers, a lighter club does not mean you have to sacrifice speed and distance. The clubface is extra thin, which gives the ball more power off the tee, so you get maximum distance on every hole. 

Another great feature of this driver is the shaft specifically designed for older female golfers. The shaft is not too heavy but is flexible, which helps the ball fly straight and far, even if your swing is not perfect and the clubface does not hit the ball straight on. The flex will help your swing and make sure you get a good downswing to help the ball fly well. 

If you are a woman who is taller than 5’3, you might want to choose a different driver. But, this works great for shorter women. 

Best Lightweight Driver: Cobra Golf F-Max SN Driver

All the clubs in this article are lightweight, which makes them great for older golfers, but if you want something even lighter than usual, your best option is the Cobra Golf F-Max SN Driver (available on The driver only weighs 10 grams, which is very light for a driver, and 56 grams lighter than the average driver. 

The head, shaft, and grip are all made to be lighter than normal to help you swing faster without sacrificing any performance or power. The carbon crown also helps keep the club lightweight while still helping you hit the ball straight.

The downside to everything being so lightweight is that you cannot customize the driver very easily without adding weight. However, if you are looking for something as light as this driver, there is not much you will want to change anyway. 

Most of the little weight this club has is in the back of the clubhead. This weighting method allows you to swing fast without sacrificing your accuracy or making the ball stray from a straight flight path. 

Many clubs have an angled clubface to keep the ball going straight, but this one does not, which is a look some golfers prefer. As we mentioned earlier, the club is weighted in the back, so just because you do not have an angled club face does not mean the club will not help you fix your slices and hooks to make the ball go straight.

If you want to learn more about the Cobra F-Max driver, check out this review from The Golf Warehouse on Youtube. He reviews the men’s version of the club, but it has the same features as the senior version, just not as lightweight and with a different shaft flex. 

Best Matching Set: 14 Piece Men’s Senior Golf Clubs Set

Finally, if you need a driver plus a matching set of clubs made for older golfers, the 14 Piece Men’s Senior Golf Clubs Set (available on is a great choice. The driver in this set is one of the best, and the other thirteen clubs are sure to help your game as well. 

The bag has all the clubs you need specifically designed for senior men. The benefit of buying an entire set compared to just a driver is that everything matches, making it more aesthetically pleasing and making sure that you have every club you could possibly need while on the course. 

The shafts on all the clubs, except for the putter, are made from graphite. Graphite is a great material and has the added bonus of being forty percent lighter than the average driver made from steel. The shafts are made to be flexible and easy to swing for seniors who do not have as much power. 

The driver has a lightweight shaft that makes it easy to swing it fast and accurately. The clubhead is 460cc, which is the maximum legal clubhead size allowed by the U.S. Golf Association. The bigger the clubhead, the better chance you have of having a good impact with the ball off the tee. The better the impact, the higher chance you have of hitting the ball far and straight. 

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of great drivers for older golfers, and no matter your budget or your swing type, you can find a great one to help improve your game. But, if you aren’t sure which one to choose, the Cobra Golf Men’s Speedzone Extreme Driver is your best overall option. 

The Speedzone Extreme Driver has a big clubface that will make your shots more accurate, but it also has a lightweight shaft that allows you to swing naturally, and even if you do not have a high-speed swing, the ball will go far.

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