Best Driver for High Handicapper With Slice

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Slices are one of the most common issues golfers face, and they can be frustrating to deal with on the course. If you’re a high handicap golfer, getting rid of your slice is one of the easiest ways to improve your game. There are some great drivers to choose from that will help you eliminate your slice.

The best driver for a high handicapper with a slice is the Bullet Golf B52 Bomber Anti Slice Driver. It’s budget-friendly without sacrificing any quality. This driver can help you increase swing speed for more distance while lowering spin, helping to improve accuracy and eliminate slices.

In this article, I’ve compiled the ten best drivers for high handicap players with a slice, and I highlight why I think the Bullet Golf B52 Bomber is the best option. I’ll also talk more about what slice is and give tips on how to fix it. Keep reading to find a great driver that can help you fix your slice no matter what type of player you are or what you prefer in a driver. 

Best Overall: Bullet Golf B52 Bomber Anti Slice Driver

If you’re a high handicapper with a slice, the Bullet Golf B52 Bomber Anti Slice Driver is the best overall club to fix your slice. This is a high-quality club that will last a long time in your bag. Even after you fix your slice, you’ll want to continue using the club for games to come.

Not only is it one of the more affordable clubs on the list, but it also comes with a headcover, which is a bonus, as some don’t. Even though it’s a low-cost club, it doesn’t feel like one. It’s made well, and you’ll feel comfortable with the high-quality, soft rubber grip.

Thanks to the style of the clubhead, you’ll have less spin on your drives, which is a huge factor in eliminating your slices. The club also allows you to swing faster, which means more distance. However, you’ll see the extra distance straight down the fairway instead of as a slice!

If you’re a golfing beginner, the club is easy to hit even if you haven’t fully developed your swing yet. The club is light enough that it won’t affect your swing while you work on it and prevent slicing.

Best Budget Driver: PGX Offset Golf Driver

The PGX Offset Golf Driver is the absolute best driver to fix your slice even if you’re on a budget, as it’s the least expensive club on this list. Plus, it comes with a headcover.

As the name suggests, the club has an offset so you can swing like normal, yet the clubface will straighten out more during your swing. Then, instead of having an open clubface, which causes the slice, it’ll be square, and your shot will be straight. Even if you miss the middle of the clubface, the club has some room for error, so your shot isn’t completely ruined.

It’s a good-looking matte black club –so it won’t look cheap– and comes in a right-handed and a left-handed version.

A final highlight of this club is that it has very good reviews from people who have used it. Many reviews explain how well the club has helped fix a slice, even for beginner golfers who don’t have the training to correct their swing on their own.

Best Luxury Driver: Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver

One of the best clubs on this list to help you fix your slice as a high handicap golfer is the Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver.

However, this isn’t a good club if you’re looking to fix your slice on a budget. Compared to many of the drivers on this list, it can be four to five times more expensive, so it’s not for everyone.

Still, if you want the best of the best and want your slice to go away, this is the club for you! The clubface is made so that even if you don’t make good contact with the golf ball in the middle of the clubface, the club will fix the mistake, and you won’t have a bad shot.

It helps fix your slice by giving the ball less spin, which means a straighter and more consistent shot with your driver. However, the lower spin won’t affect your distance, so you’re not sacrificing anything with this club.

You have some options when it comes to purchasing this club:

  • Hand Orientation: Right-handed or left-handed
  • Shaft material: 45gr Graphite, 55gr Graphite, 65gr Graphite
  • Flex: Light, Regular, Stiff
  • Configuration: 9 degrees, 10.5 degrees, 12.5 degrees

If you want to see the Big Bertha B21 in action, check out this video from Michael Newton Golf. He reviews the club to determine whether or not it’ll lower your ball spin and fix your slice.

Best for Customization: Custom Golf Driver Oversize Offset Draw Anti-Slice Non-Conforming Long Illegal Monster 515cc

Another great driver for slices is the Custom Golf Driver Offset Draw Anti-Slice. This is the best option if you want to fix your slices and want to customize your driver. It has an offset feature to fix slices, which means the driver’s head is adjusted. The adjustment makes it so the clubface contacts the ball differently so it goes straight instead of slicing.

With the offset built into the driver, you won’t have to adjust your swing too much, or at all, to get rid of your slice. The driver also gives more distance than drivers that don’t offset your slice.

The other great part of this driver is that you can customize different parts of it. Not only can you adjust it to make you more comfortable when you swing, but you can also make it fit your body better. You can improve your swing by customizing the club to suit your height, swing speed, and more.

Here are some of the parts of the club that you can customize:

  • Loft
  • Shaft Type
  • Shaft Length
  • Grip Type
  • Grip Size

The club also has some more options that you can choose from depending on the type of golfer you are. Here are the club type options:

  • Ladies
  • Senior
  • Regular (for men)
  • Stiff
  • Extra stiff
  • 2x Flex

All you have to do is email the seller through the Amazon site after you purchase the driver, and you can send them all the customizations you want.

Best for Seniors: Orlimar Men’s Slice Killer Golf Driver

The Orlimar Men’s Slice Killer Golf Driver is the best driver for seniors with a high handicap. It works great for seniors since it’s lighter than the standard golf club. A lighter club is easier to swing, but it’ll also increase your swing speed.

The driver helps fix your slice by delaying the impact of the clubface on the ball. By doing this, the club has a bit of extra time to get square which is how you get your shot to go straight. It has a closed face at a seven-degree angle, which helps fix your slice.

Thanks to the slice-fixing clubface, you can swing like normal instead of trying to fix your slice on your own. You’ll also get added power and distance with the clubface. Plus, the logo on the clubhead can be used to line up your ball correctly and get an accurate shot and straight ball.

The Orlimar Men’s Driver is relatively budget-friendly compared to many drivers, and the headcover is included. The driver also comes in a regular men’s version if you like its features but don’t want a seniors version.

Best for Speed: TaylorMade Stealth Draw Driver 9.0/10.5/12.0 Right Handed/Left Handed

When you have a slice, another driver you should consider is the TaylorMade Stealth Draw Driver. This driver is one of the best if you want to fix your slice and improve your speed.

But what kind of speed? All kinds!

First, your club head will increase significantly with this design. You won’t have to swing any faster, but the clubhead will gain speed right before making contact with the ball. This is due to additional weight on the backside of the club.

Second, the ball speed increases because the club has a large clubface. There are sixty carbon sheets on the clubface, which enhances the amount of energy transferred from the clubhead to the ball.

The club face’s texture also helps the ball spin. The ball will have some spin when it leaves the tee, but not too much that it’ll cause you to slice the ball. A draw bias causes the ball to fly from right to left and, therefore, correct your slice.

You also have some choices when you buy this club. Here are the features you can choose from:

  • Hand Orientation: Right or Left
  • Flex: Stiff, Regular, Senior
  • Loft: 9 degrees, 10.5 degrees, 12 degrees

Best Name Brand: Cobra Golf 2021 Men’s Radspeed XB Driver Gloss Black-Turbo Yellow

Many of the clubs we recommend are budget-friendly, but if you want a name brand and don’t mind spending a little more, there is a good club: the Cobra Golf Men’s Radspeed XB Driver.

This club has many great features that will help you fix your slice. For starters, the large clubface gives you more flexibility with how accurately you have to hit the ball. Even if you don’t make contact with the ball in the exact center of the clubface, you’ll get a good shot.

Also, the weight is distributed to provide good speed during your swing and off the tee, but it won’t feel heavy. The club is light, so you can swing well with nothing to adjust to fix the slice.

Finally, the club is designed to lower your ball spin. Lower ball spin means more ball speed and longer tee shots. With less spin, you’ll be slicing the ball less.

As with some of the other clubs, you have some different options to choose from when you purchase the Radspeed XB Driver, including the following:

  • Hand Orientation: Right or Left
  • Shaft Material: Project X Evenflow RipTide, Fujikura Motore XF3, Project X Hzrdus Rdx Blue
  • Flex: Senior, Regular, Stiff, Extra Stiff
  • Loft: 9 degrees, 10.5 degrees, 12 degrees

Best for New Golfers: Lag Shot Driver

The next club is great for the newest golfers struggling with a slice. The Lag Shot Driver is made to be a training club to help you improve your swing and get better shots off the tee without slicing the ball, but you can use it on the course too.

The club is designed to help you swing on the right plane. If your swing isn’t staying level, you’ll have a lot of issues with accuracy. The earlier you get your swing right and the more you can practice it, the fewer issues you’ll have as you become a better golfer.

Even if you’re not on the course or at the range, you can take swings with this club even day without hitting a ball. Because of the weight distribution, your body will get used to how a proper swing is supposed to feel. Then, when you’re on the course, your mind and body will know how to swing to get a good hit without slicing the ball.

Once you get your swing down after practicing with this club, you’ll stop slicing the ball and have a more accurate tee shot. And, you’ll get more distance since you’re hitting straight.

Best for Women: COOLO Driver Golf Club for Women Right Handed, 12 Degree

Do you want a club specifically for women to fix your slice? The Right-Handed COOLO Driver is a great option.

Since the club is made for women, it’s lighter, which can help your swing. If the club is too heavy, like many men’s clubs are for women, then your swing will be affected, as this is a common cause of a slice. With a club of the correct weight, your swing will be better and stay in the right plane, preventing your slice.

The club is also shorter than a men’s club, which is a better option for the average woman. If the club isn’t the right length, you won’t get good contact with the clubhead. If you hit the ball with the wrong part of the clubhead, you’re more likely to hit a slice or get barely any distance off the tee.

Furthermore, the face of the club is big, so you don’t need to hit the ball too accurately to get a good hit off the tee. And, with a low center of gravity, the club is easier to swing, which improves your chances of having good contact with the ball. The better your swing, the less spin your ball has, which is a cause of your slice.

Best Budget Driver for Women: Ram Golf SGS 460cc Driver – Ladies Right Hand

Another option for a woman’s driver to help fix your slice is the Right Hand Ram Golf SGS 460cc Driver. This driver is cheaper than the previous one, so it’s great if you’re on a budget but still want to fix your slice. It also comes with a headcover which isn’t always common with a budget-friendly club.

Like the club above, the weight and length are lower than a men’s club, which is great for women since it makes it easy to swing and make contact with the ball in the right spot. The club loft is relatively high at 13 degrees, which helps to get some loft on your drive and keep it straight.

The club has an all-weather grip, making it easy to hold no matter when you’re playing. With a comfortable grip, you can focus more on your swing instead of feeling like you’re holding the club wrong, which can add to your slices.

As a player with a high handicap, you might not want to spend a lot of money on a club until you can improve your game. You’ll have a much easier time on the course when you don’t have a slice, which this club helps with. Then you can focus on improving other parts of your game before you put too much money into your equipment.

Causes of Slice in Golf 

A slice in golf happens when the ball curves to one side when it’s in the air. Slices are common with new golfers and usually happen off the tee when you hit with a driver.

The ball will curve to the right for right-handed golfers, and for left-handed golfers, it’ll go left. The severity of your slice depends on your swing and the cause of the slice. 

When you slice the ball, you aren’t making good contact with the ball when you swing. If the ball doesn’t hit the center of the clubface, it won’t go straight. An open clubface causes slices during contact, and the more open your clubface is at impact, the more your ball will slice. 

Furthermore, if you’re not swinging on the right plane, the clubface won’t make good contact with the ball, causing it to slice. Slices are caused when your swing is too outside; then, you bring it inwards on the downswing.

Last but not least, if the ball has too much spin, it’ll continue to fly right in the air until it lands. The less spin your ball has, the more accurate your shot and the straighter the ball will fly.

This video from ChrisRyanGolf explains a few other common causes of slices in golf, like a bad grip or wrist movement:

Having a bad grip or wrist movement can cause even more problems to your swing in addition to slicing the ball. It will also affect you on fairway shots, which will only make your handicap higher. Other than investing in a club in this article, you should make sure your grip is right and your wrists are not moving incorrectly if you want to lower your handicap.

How To Fix a Slice

Once you’ve determined why you’re slicing the ball, then you can start to fix it. One important step is to get a driver that’s specifically made to correct your swing and keep you from slicing the ball. Once you’ve done that, focus on these points to fix your slice:

  • Make sure your swing is easygoing and you’re not moving your arms too much. If you can’t keep your club in the right plane, the clubface will move a lot on your backswing, and you won’t hit the ball in the center of the face when you come down. 
  • Make sure you use your entire body during your swing, not just your arms. Everything also needs to be in sync so your hips can’t be ahead of your arms and your hand, and vice versa. If your swing isn’t timed right, you’re not only sacrificing power but also accuracy, which causes a slice.
  • Make sure your grip aligns with the club and your body and isn’t too tight or too loose. If you’re not gripping the club right, your swing will be poor, and you won’t get good contact with the ball. 
  • Practice at the driving range: A slice isn’t easily fixed on the course, so spend some time practicing your swing, especially when you get a new club, and you’ll see a difference during your next round.

There are several drills you can do to ensure your swing plane is right, like the drill in this video from Meandmygolf:

This video from Rick Shiels Golf shows you how to properly hold a golf club:

Final Thoughts

The Bullet Golf B52 Bomber Anti Slice Driver (available on is your best overall option for a driver as a high handicapper with a slice. Yet, plenty of other options are available if you have different needs, want to spend a different amount, or prefer a name-brand driver.

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