Golf: Where Does Power Come From?

golf player placing ball on tee. beautiful sunrise on golf course landscape in background.

Many people think that golf is a laid-back sport that does not give the golfer much of a workout, but anyone that has spent a day out on the golf course knows differently. Which muscles are involved in generating the power in your golf swing, and how can you improve the power in your swing? … Read more

Golf: Where To Look At The Ball?

a man looking at the golf ball closely during mid swing.

Some aspects of golf have a personal twist, and some tactics work for certain golfers but not others. Many beginner golfers don’t know where to look at the ball or if they should look at it at all during their swing. Some golfers do not need to look at the ball during the swing, but … Read more

Golf: Why Am I Topping The Ball?

A close up of a man wearing sunglasses and inspecting a golf club.

Golf is a complex game that is significantly more than whacking a ball with a club! A golfer must strike the ball just right to get the ball to travel the right height, direction, and distance. Topping the ball is a common complaint among golfers, and some find it difficult to understand why they struggle … Read more

Golf: How To Hit A Draw? [FULL GUIDE 2023]

Golf club and ball. Preparing to shot.

Golf is a game of finesse and strategy when hitting the ball, which means mastering certain shots can significantly improve your game. The draw shot is useful to learn because it can give you an advantage on the course by gaining more distance, getting around obstacles, and setting you up perfectly for the next shot. … Read more

How To Stop Breaking Golf Tees

How to stop breaking golf tees

Golfing is a fun sport that requires skill, patience, and a lot of equipment. It can be frustrating when your equipment breaks and you need to replace it. One common question golfers have is how you can stop breaking golf tees? Here are 6 ways to stop breaking golf tees: Work on the angle of … Read more

Is Hitting Golf Balls Into A Net Good Practice?

Is Hitting Golf Balls Into A Net Good Practice?

While some may argue that standing and hitting balls into a practice net without seeing where they go is a waste of time, to a point, this is true; however, with golf, deliberate or focused training will always help, provided it has a purpose. Hitting golf balls into a net can indeed improve the swing … Read more

How Many Balls Should I Hit Every Day? (GOLF 101)

how many golf balls should I hit every day?

Many golfers believe that hitting balls every day will improve their golf game. The absolute truth is that it won’t, not unless you’re doing it correctly and that your hitting sessions have a purpose. Standing on the range or in front of a net swinging away for a hundred, two hundred, or three hundred shots … Read more