Can Golf Grips Be Removed and Reused?

Can you clean and re-use a golf grip?

Golf clubs have a slide-on grip on the handle of the club. The grip offers added support and comfort for the golfer, and golfers often grow fond of certain golf grips. As a result, golf enthusiasts are often left wondering whether they can remove and reuse the golf grips from their old clubs?  Golf grips … Read more

Will Golf Clubs Fit in a Jaguar F-Type Convertible?

Will golf clubs fit in a Jaguar F Type convertible?

The Jaguar F-Type convertible is genuinely a luxury sports car based on its design and performance. Its engineering delivers high performance and quick handling response, giving every driver a sporty driving experience. Still, this vehicle doesn’t offer enough trunk space for luggage, but will the available space fit golf clubs perfectly?  Golf clubs will fit … Read more

Are Golf Pants Business Casual?

Are golf pants business casual?

If you enjoy the game of golf and play it regularly, you probably have a pair or two of golf pants lying around. Occasionally, you might wonder whether it’s okay to wear your golf pants in a business casual setting. They look pretty similar to regular pants, after all, right? Golf pants are usually considered … Read more

Will Lifting Weights Help My Golf Game?

Should a golfer lift weights?

Many golfers shy away from lifting for fear of becoming inflexible. However, most fitness experts will agree that lifting weights doesn’t always mean losing out on flexibility. Lifting weights helps your golf game. Golfers who lift weights have more endurance, more power in their swing, and will be better all-around athletes. In fact, one of … Read more