How Many Calories Burned Hitting Golf Balls?

How many calories are burned hitting golf balls?

Golf seems like a sport that doesn’t require much athleticism and activity. Although there’s some truth to that, saying that golfers don’t expend effort at all isn’t entirely accurate.  Over 200 calories per hour are burned hitting golf balls on average. If you swing around 100 times an hour, each swing burns over two calories. … Read more

How To Play Golf With Blisters

How to play golf with blisters.

Blisters seem to be a hazard of golfing. While they can be painful and annoying, bonafide golf-lovers are unfazed by them and somehow manage to still play even with blisters. Perhaps golfers have evolved to play through the pain and discomfort, or maybe they know something we don’t about how to play with blisters.  Here’s … Read more

How Much Does a Golf Ball Weigh?

How much does a golf ball weigh?

When out on a golf course, driving range, or putting green, you may have thought that your ball felt either slightly heavier or lighter than one you’ve used before. The weight difference is not imaginary as golf balls can vary somewhat in weight. So one may ask, how much does a golf ball weigh?  Golf … Read more

Can Golf Grips Be Removed and Reused?

Can you clean and re-use a golf grip?

Golf clubs have a slide-on grip on the handle of the club. The grip offers added support and comfort for the golfer, and golfers often grow fond of certain golf grips. As a result, golf enthusiasts are often left wondering whether they can remove and reuse the golf grips from their old clubs?  Golf grips … Read more

Will Golf Clubs Fit in a Jaguar F-Type Convertible?

Will golf clubs fit in a Jaguar F Type convertible?

The Jaguar F-Type convertible is genuinely a luxury sports car based on its design and performance. Its engineering delivers high performance and quick handling response, giving every driver a sporty driving experience. Still, this vehicle doesn’t offer enough trunk space for luggage, but will the available space fit golf clubs perfectly?  Golf clubs will fit … Read more