Golf: How Much Practice Should I Do?

Hand putting golf ball on tee in golf course.

Most people realize that getting better at anything, including golf, requires dedicated practice. Even people with natural talent have aspects of their game that need work. How much practice is needed to improve your golf game? The number of times you practice golf depends on your current level and desire to improve your game. A … Read more

Can I Play Golf When Pregnant?

a picture of a woman playing golf whilst pregnant.

Golf can be a relaxing and beneficial way to get exercise and fresh outdoor air, but is it possible and safe to continue golfing when you are pregnant? Certain types of exercise can be dangerous for expectant mothers, and we will find out if golf is one of the activities you should avoid. Golf can … Read more

Can Golf Clubs Fit in A Miata?

Will golf clubs fit in a miata?

The Miata is a popular car, it is known for its small size, lightweight, and modernism. Originally designed as a sports car, it found popularity in Europe, however people around the globe now love this car. Its small size will, however, justifiably raise the question of if it will fit a large amount of luggage, … Read more