Do Golf Clubs Fit in A VW Golf?

Do Golf Clubs Fit in A VW Golf? 

So, you’re going to play golf with your friends, you bought new clubs and you’re excited to try them out, but you’re wondering will they fit in your VW Golf? As a general rule, golf clubs won’t fit in a VW Golf unless the back seats are folded forwards. This means that only two people … Read more

Do Golf Clubs Fit in a Porsche 911?

Do Golf Clubs Fit in a Porsche 911?

There’s nothing wrong with wanting a really nice car, especially if you’ve made it to retirement. You should enjoy yourself! And enjoying yourself usually means golfing whenever you can. The only problem is, if you have a Porsche 911, or are looking for one, where are you supposed to put your golf clubs? Golf clubs … Read more

How Long for Golf Course To Dry Out

How long does it take a golf course to dry out?

So you’ve been planning for a round of golf, got all of your gear ready, then, without warning, the rain started to fall. Maybe it’s been raining, but you still want to engage in your favorite sport. The good news about golf is that you can play it in almost all weather conditions: sunny, windy, … Read more

How Many Calories Burned Hitting Golf Balls?

How many calories are burned hitting golf balls?

Golf seems like a sport that doesn’t require much athleticism and activity. Although there’s some truth to that, saying that golfers don’t expend effort at all isn’t entirely accurate.  Over 200 calories per hour are burned hitting golf balls on average. If you swing around 100 times an hour, each swing burns over two calories. … Read more

How To Play Golf With Blisters

How to play golf with blisters.

Blisters seem to be a hazard of golfing. While they can be painful and annoying, bonafide golf-lovers are unfazed by them and somehow manage to still play even with blisters. Perhaps golfers have evolved to play through the pain and discomfort, or maybe they know something we don’t about how to play with blisters.  Here’s … Read more

How Much Does a Golf Ball Weigh?

How much does a golf ball weigh?

When out on a golf course, driving range, or putting green, you may have thought that your ball felt either slightly heavier or lighter than one you’ve used before. The weight difference is not imaginary as golf balls can vary somewhat in weight. So one may ask, how much does a golf ball weigh?  Golf … Read more