Best Driver for Older Golfers

Best driver for older golfer?

You hit your driver less than eighteen times during a round of golf, but it is still an important club since how well or poorly you hit with it can make or break each hole. Choosing a driver for older golfers can be difficult, but there are many great options.  The best driver for older … Read more

What Are the Best Practice Golf Balls? 

What are the best practice golf balls?

If you are a golf enthusiast, you may want to hone in on your swing anytime and anywhere, but not all locations will be suitable for letting loose with a regulation golf ball. Practice golf balls are ideal for testing your chip or driving from less ideal locations like your basement or garage, but you … Read more

How To Black Oxide Golf Clubs

How to black oxide golf clubs

Over time, some golf clubs pick up nicks and scratches, eventually leaving your club looking significantly worse than when you bought it. Although some people simply get new clubs, a black oxide finish is sometimes a better alternative. Here is how to black oxide golf clubs in five easy steps:  Sand the surface of the … Read more

Best Irons for Tall Golfers

Best irons for tall golfers.

If you’re a 6+ feet (1.83+ cm) tall golfer, chances are that you’ve been having difficulties finding suitable iron golf clubs. The good news is, you’re not alone, since many tall golfers face the same issue playing with standard irons due to over-bending and creating the wrong swings. So, what are the best irons for … Read more

How To Break in Golf Shoes

How to break in golf shoes.

New golf shoes are always exciting and make the course something to look forward to, until the blisters start to form before the fourth hole. Yes, they’re not so easy to break into, so what’s the best way to soften new golf shoes so it doesn’t affect your game? Here are eight tips to break … Read more

How To Restore a Faded Golf Bag

How to restore a faded golf bag.

One of the best parts about golf is spending the day outside, enjoying the sunshine. Unfortunately, sunshine causes golf bags to fade. The good news is that you can restore your bag’s color regardless of what fabric it’s made of as long as you know how to go about it.  Here’s how to restore color … Read more

Are Tennis and Golf Skirts the Same?  

Are tennis and golf skirts the same?

When it comes to sports, you want to wear something that looks good, is comfortable, and is practical. You also want to don attire that’s acceptable (if not mandated) by a particular sport’s rules. For example, tennis and golf skirts can look similar, but does that mean you can interchange them? Tennis and golf skirts … Read more