Golf Tee Times: What Are They & How to Book?

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Tee times are a massive thing for any golfer! If you are a new golfer you might be wondering what they are and how to book them! Even more experienced golfers can find themselves wondering what their tee time will cost them and when they should book. We hope this article can help in all of these cases 🙂

What is a Golf Tee Time?

Golf tee times are the times you can play golf on a course. You can book tee times in advance, but it is often more expensive. You can also book tee times on the day of your golf game. This is much cheaper, but you need to be careful that you don’t get a time that is going to be busy and hard for you to enjoy.

What are Golf Tee Times For?

For the golfer a tee time is simply the time they start playing on a course (as stated above). For the course owner or operator, the tee times give them an opportunity to better manage the golfers on their course (especially for a busy one!). It can help them make sure that there is a good gap between different golfing groups, for example.

What is the Best Tee Time?

Since there are many golf courses on the planet, it’s impossible to give out a definitive answer. In general the best tee time will depend on many factors. Some factors to consider are:

  1. The time of day

If you are a morning person and enjoy the coolness of the early morning, then you may want to try to play first thing in the morning. This is also good if you don’t like the sun too much and want a little more shade. Alternatively if you are an afternoon golfer, stay around after work! Typically golf courses get busier later in the day – something to be aware of for afternoon golfers!

  1. The weather

While its great to be able to play golf in the rain, it can often be a hindrance during your round. So if you’re booking your tee time, make sure you mind the weather and book accordingly. If the forecast looks likely to rain, check what kind of golf course you will be playing on and if it is suitable for playing on in the rain. Similarly if it’s hot or cold, also keep this in mind when booking and prepare accordingly!

  1. The cost

We have mentioned this already but it’s important to remember that the price and time of day are often correlated. If you’re planning on booking a tee time in advance, then you will likely need to book at a ‘peak’ time. This is typically going to be a weekend evening or a Sunday afternoon. This is when you can expect to pay the most.

How to Book a Tee Time?

As you may imagine in this modern world we live in, there are many different ways to book tee times. The most common way people book a tee time in the US of A is through GolfNow. GolfNow is an online tool that makes booking a tee time simple and easy. It has a vast database of courses, just about any course you’re looking for for that matter! GolfNow also has different deals and promotions every day online. So just make sure you’re a member of GolfNow and get your tee time booked for the specific course or courses you want. The selection is simply massive!

You could also check the website of the course you would like to play, usually they will tell you the different ways to book a tee time (or if you want to be really old school you could try to phone them!). Some courses now have their own booking systems on their website.

If you are playing at a course that is not too busy, you may just be able to turn up and play.

Tee Off!!

There you have it, you should now know everything about tee times and how to book them!!