Best Driver for Older Golfers

Best driver for older golfer?

You hit your driver less than eighteen times during a round of golf, but it is still an important club since how well or poorly you hit with it can make or break each hole. Choosing a driver for older golfers can be difficult, but there are many great options.  The best driver for older … Read more

Can Golf Clubs Fit in A Miata?

Will golf clubs fit in a miata?

The Miata is a popular car, it is known for its small size, lightweight, and modernism. Originally designed as a sports car, it found popularity in Europe, however people around the globe now love this car. Its small size will, however, justifiably raise the question of if it will fit a large amount of luggage, … Read more

What Are the Best Practice Golf Balls? 

What are the best practice golf balls?

If you are a golf enthusiast, you may want to hone in on your swing anytime and anywhere, but not all locations will be suitable for letting loose with a regulation golf ball. Practice golf balls are ideal for testing your chip or driving from less ideal locations like your basement or garage, but you … Read more

How To Stop Breaking Golf Tees

How to stop breaking golf tees

Golfing is a fun sport that requires skill, patience, and a lot of equipment. It can be frustrating when your equipment breaks and you need to replace it. One common question golfers have is how you can stop breaking golf tees? Here are 6 ways to stop breaking golf tees: Work on the angle of … Read more

Do Golf Clubs Fit in A VW Golf?

Do Golf Clubs Fit in A VW Golf? 

So, you’re going to play golf with your friends, you bought new clubs and you’re excited to try them out, but you’re wondering will they fit in your VW Golf? As a general rule, golf clubs won’t fit in a VW Golf unless the back seats are folded forwards. This means that only two people … Read more