How Often Should You Take Golf Lessons? (Let’s Find Out)

how often should you take golf lessons?

Sports are among the greatest inventions of human civilization that can unite people from all over the world. Although relatively new as a sport discipline, golf rapidly gained popularity. Countries like Canada, United States, Great Britain, and Ireland are among the most obsessed by this sport. Like in the majority of sports, to play golf … Read more

Golf Tee Times: What Are They & How to Book?

Book a tee time!

Tee times are a massive thing for any golfer! If you are a new golfer you might be wondering what they are and how to book them! Even more experienced golfers can find themselves wondering what their tee time will cost them and when they should book. We hope this article can help in all … Read more

Want to Increase Drive Distance? Try These Exercises!!

Improve the length of your golfing drives.

It’s no secret that your drive distance is vital to your golf game. It’s a combination of several different skills: your grip, your stance, your swing, and your concentration. If you want to improve your handicap, you need to improve your driving distance. But what can you do when you’re not on the golf course? This … Read more