What Irons Do The Pro’s Use? [GOLF TOUR INSIDER]

What Irons Do The Pro's Use?

With the multitude of club options available, pro golfers are looking to take advantage of the vase selection of irons available to give them every edge they can get. Professional golfers use a wide variety of brands and iron sets in their bags. While you might think many of them use the traditional blade irons, … Read more

What’s The Longest Driver I Can Buy? [GOLF 101]

What's The Longest Driver I Can Buy?

Every golfer has that dream of stepping onto the tee and bombing one straight down the fairway and 30 yards past everyone else! With the range of modern drivers bolstered by the latest technology, drivers add yards to the average player’s drive. The latest offerings from TaylorMade, Titleist, Callaway, Cobra, and Ping, offer some of … Read more

How Long Does A Round Of Golf Usually Take?

how long does a round of golf usually take?

Playing golf is usually a relaxing way to spend a few hours in the open air, especially if you are with friends or even at your local club on Saturday. Being out in the open and walking is good exercise, but how long does it take to play 18 holes? The amount of time needed … Read more

What Are The Best Clubs For A Lady Beginner?

What Are The Best Clubs For A Lady Beginner?

Ladies’ golf is the fastest growing niche in the sport today, primarily due to the television coverage of LPGA and Ladies’ European Tour Events. This has lead to higher demand for women’s clubs and increased sales. When buying ladies’ clubs for a beginner, there are a few aspects to consider before settling on a final … Read more

Blades VS Cavity Back Irons – The Lowdown

Blades VS Cavity Back Irons - The Lowdown

The introduction of cavity back irons in the 1980s changed the game of golf forever. No longer were average players stuck with the traditional blade clubs that were (and still are) notoriously difficult to hit correctly. The two clubs have some significant differences between them from design to function and some similarities as well. Over … Read more

What Degree Wedges Do Pros Use [GOLF FACTS]

What Degree Wedges Do Pros Use

Wedges are an important set of clubs in any golfer’s bag. They help get us out of trouble and play precise and accurate shots to get the ball close to the flag from the greens or the bunker. Professional golfers have a variety of wedges with different lofts and bounces in their bags. Some pro … Read more

Is Hitting Golf Balls Into A Net Good Practice?

Is Hitting Golf Balls Into A Net Good Practice?

While some may argue that standing and hitting balls into a practice net without seeing where they go is a waste of time, to a point, this is true; however, with golf, deliberate or focused training will always help, provided it has a purpose. Hitting golf balls into a net can indeed improve the swing … Read more

Golf Shoes VS Sneakers [WHAT’S THE DEAL]

golf shoes vs sneakers. whats the deal?

Sneakers are comfortable, go anywhere do anything type of shoes, and many of us wear them every day. Our sneakers play an essential part in our podiatric universe for work, sport, exercise, and leisure. We even wear them to the golf course, but should we? While sneakers are general-purpose shoes, golf shoes were created for … Read more

How Many Balls Should I Hit Every Day? (GOLF 101)

how many golf balls should I hit every day?

Many golfers believe that hitting balls every day will improve their golf game. The absolute truth is that it won’t, not unless you’re doing it correctly and that your hitting sessions have a purpose. Standing on the range or in front of a net swinging away for a hundred, two hundred, or three hundred shots … Read more