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Descriptions for each of the holes was taken directly from the book “From Tee to Green” published in 1996 in Calgary written by Mr. John Gradon who is currently retired and living in the Okanogan.  Mr. Gradon is working as a starter and marshal at the new Golf Club at the Rise just outside Vernon.


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Hole Number 10

Hole 10

Par 4
Men Yardage      311 – HCP 15
Ladies Yardage  303 – HCP 14

OB all the way right and behind geen.  Elevated tee shot, trees left, should be aimed centre right of fairway below.  Hole is driveable, but sand to the left and back left, trees to the front right, and OB behind the green encourage a more respectful approach.


Hole Number 11

Hole 11

Par 5
Men Yardage   489 – HCP 14
Ladies Yardage  430 – HCP 16

Tee shot between trees should land around bank on fairway with faint dogleg left.  If still below the bank, you should aim at the pyramid peak.  The flat green’s back there somewhere!  Trees left and right of it – and close behind.


Hole Number 12

Hole 12

Par 5 Men
Par 4 Ladies

Mens yardage     470 – HCP 18
Ladies yardage   390 – HCP 5

It’s usually about here that the scale of Waterton’s challenge begins to dawn.  The second of back-to-back par-5’s .  Be left off the tee box.  Heavy left-right slope will drag too-right tee shots down into trees and bushes.  Keep going!


Hole Number 13

Hole 13

Par 3
Mens Yardage   157 – HCP 6
Ladies Yardage 150 – HCP 11

Truly one of Alberta’s great holes. Thompson’s genius for simplicity and mischief are here for all to see.  Tee shot requires a hit across a 100 feet deep, largely-fairwayed valley, to a tiny, shallow green carved tee-box level into the mountainside opposite.  Watch the wind, don’t be short.  The trick is to hit just long enough to the semi-cut above the green and trickle back down and on.  Honest.  It’s been known to work.


Hole Number 14

Hole 14

Par 4
Mens Yardage    346 – HCP 5
Ladies Yardage  252 – HCP 9

Ah, the trees make their presence more felt.  Elevated tee shot should land centre right to allow for fairway slope, right to left.  Second requires uphill shot into green with only flag top usually visible.  The fir tree behind is a good line.  Extra club advisable here.


Hole Number 15

Hole 15

Par 4 Men
Par 5 Ladies

Mens Yardage    419 – HCP 4
Ladies Yardage  419 – HCP 10

Straightaway into prevailing wind and the start of a stretch of really testing golf holes.  Elevated tee box gives a bird’s  eye  view of Thompson’s propensity for narrowing treed fairways in landing areas, opening them up again and then narrowing the neck into the big green.  Fine hole swings right to left.  Remember the mountain’s natural slope.


Hole Number 16

Hole 16

Par 4 Men
Mens Yardage    299 Yards – HCP 12
Ladies Yardage  299 Yards – HCP 6

An outstanding hole doglegging sharply left round high banked, right-to-left fairway to green unseen round the trees.  Environmental note – look for wildlife on the mountain slope.  Ideal tee shot is centre right draw to take the ball down to the green.  Gone now, unfortunately, is the tall elm that once guarded the left approach.  It has been replaced by an evergreeen tree.


Hole Number 17

Hole 17

Par 3
Mens Yardage    192 – HCP 2
Ladies Yardage  179 – HCP 2

Treacherous.  Tough uphill tee shot, usually complicated by wind from right, onto plateaued green.  It’s smallish, two-tiered, front and back and slopes left to right.  If the pin’s right and you’re left, it’s like putting off the edge of the world.


Hole Number 18

Hole 18

Par 4
Mens Yardage    396 – HCP 10
Ladies Yardage  331 – HCP 3

Homeward bound.  Drive from elevated tee box should be aimed to left side of fairway falling from left to right.  A good one followed by mid or short iron approach will get you home to the large flattish green with chance of par or better for the club house gallery.  Watch those subtle breaks though.


Photos: Frank Weinschenk


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