Course: Hole 1 – 9 OLD

Descriptions for each of the holes was taken directly from the book “From Tee to Green” published in 1996 in Calgary written by Mr. John Gradon who is currently retired and living in the Okanogan.  Mr. Gradon is working as a starter and marshal at the new Golf Club at the Rise just outside Vernon.

Hole Number 1

Par 4

Men Yardage:    319
Ladies Yardage: 303


Mens HCP is 16
Ladies HCP is 7


A benign opener doglegging gently right, but beware the roughed downslope to the right.  A fade tee shot down left centre will leave a wedge ito a green heavily bunkered front right, back right, front left and back left.

Hole Number 2

Par 5

Men Yardage   485
Ladies Yardage  413


Mens HCP is 13
Ladies HCP is 8


A majestic dogleg right with mountains providing an awesome backdrop.  Aim the tee shot center left for a spot which leaves you able to clear sharp 25 foot high upslope with your next shot.  Green, sloping slightly from back to front, has sand back right and back left.

Hole Number 3

Par 4

Men yardage     316
Ladies yardage  294


Mens HCP is 17
Ladies HCP is 15


The green is invisible down a steep slope.  It’s driveable with a favoring wind but allow time for those in front to clear.  The wiser shot is a right-side lay-up just beyond the 150-yard markers, then a wedge into the green hugged by trees right, mounds behind and two traps left.  Good birdie possibility.

Hole Number 4

Par 3

Mens Yardage 221
Ladies Yardage 134


Mens HCP is 1
Ladies HCP is 14


Difficult par 3 with tee shot over preliminary dip in fairway to flat area climbing towards green guarded tightly by trees on both sides.  Wind, from the left, is a factor.  Make sure the green is clear before teeing off.

Hole Number 5

Par 3

Mens yardage    163
Ladies Yardage 150


Mens HCP is 11
Ladies HCP is 13


Shortish, straight, simple. Right? Wrong!  Mid-iron tee shot is usually into a headwind, which can vary from breeze to gale off the distant lake.  The flattish green isn’t the biggest target on this circuit either.

Hole Number 6

Par 5

Mens yardage 520
Ladies Yardage 446


Mens HCP is 9
Ladies HCP is 1


This one spars with true greatness. Waterton’s longest and one of its toughest. Hit the tee shot centre onto the flat portion of the open fairway. With a tail wind, your length might surprise you. Eventually a steep hill has to be negotiated to reach the green perched on top, with sand front left and front right. Par is an achievement.

Hole Number 7

Par 3 Men
Par 4 Ladies

Men 244 Yards
Ladies 235 Yards


Men HCP 3
Ladies HCP 18


Another tough one.  Long hitters can use a driver here off the elevated tee box and still be short of the green tucked in trees down the hill.  Yes, the Waterton wind may have a hand in this one.  Par?  Lucky you!

Hole Number 8

Par 4
Mens yardage 377
Ladies Yardage 332


Mens HCP is 8
Ladies HCP is 4


A pretty straightaway hole with trees coming more into evidence especially down right side in approach to green.  This one is usually played all the way into a headwind.  Aim the tee shot slightly centre left to open up green perched on bluff’s edge with panoramic lake and mountain vistas.  Sand front left and right.

Hole Number 9

Par 4
Mens yardage 394
Ladies Yardage 294


Mens  HCP is 7
Ladies HCP is 17


Take wind, usually from right into account for tee shot here.  Fairway down the hill slopes dramatically left to right.  Ideally you want to be centre for approach into clubhouse green guarded by sand front left and a second small trap on the right.